hello everybody its Kadzowe with Kadzoweforafrica. My friend Michelle is african-american and she was like she wanted to
understand herself as an african-american and connect with her
African roots and I’m seeing like a lot of African Americans now are really
connecting with us as Africans which is super great and they’re asking questions
and they want to know what we know so she wanted to know if she was a bond –
if she was a nylon or if she was a Koosh 8 so its variant it’s like I gave her
that whole thing that you know we as Africans you know learn and in school
you know about the three African groups and so she was fascinated because she
didn’t learn about that about you know her people so I’m gonna give you a quick
rundown on who the bonta’s are then atlas and the crew shots and I’m gonna
put information bar below so that you can read about them and maybe this
Kwanzaa you could like take a quick look and ask yourself you know who you could
be and I just said Kwanzaa because it’s that time of year it’s the holidays and
it’s cozy and I love doing videos over the fall anyway let me get right to it
bond choose so the bond – group I am actually a bond – so one of the things
we are the biggest group in Africa so about us I was at something to 80
percent of Africans are in the grouping of the people called bond – and what’s
great about bond twos is that we’re characteristics with our broad noses and
we have dark skin some bar tools tend to have some lighter skins but the features
of the facial structure remain the same and we also speak related languages as
well and so in almost every part of Africa you’re gonna find a lot of bond
to speaking people and I’ll put it like a little picture so you can kind of see
a different group of brawn shoes and then now we’ll move on to the nylons
so the NA lots are also a grouping in Africa one of the things I learned about
the night loss is that they tended to be very nomadic people so they moved from
different parts of Africa to the other and they also tend to really really
value cattle and examples of nylons especially for my country I like the
Masai the luo’s those are two different groups within my country and one example
of an islet is actually Lupita Nyong’o she’s the phonetic tribe and so it’s a
great great group of people and they have a great history and so that would
be the second grouping and now I’m gonna move on to the third
and final grouping of Africans and that’s the Kushites and so the Kushites
are known by their features are very different I would say the features tend
to be very Western type features normal countries where Kushites traditionally
are like in East Africa we have the Ethiopians and Eritrea those examples of
Kushites we have also the Moroccans and the model Iman is actually an example of
a coup shite African and their hair texture tends to be a little bit
different their skin color tends to be a little
bit different on the fair side and they tend to have a little bit of pointed
noses are features as well so that’s it those other three groupings so that’s
just a very basic overview of of that and so I told my friend Michelle was
African American and she was just so excited and she
actually thinks that she is between an Iowa Anna and I know bachchan but she’s
not sure so hopefully this video is helpful if you like videos like this let
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