ROSE LA PRAIRIE: We’ve spoken
to people all over the world. And what we’ve heard is
that it’s really easy to name the things
that distract you, and it’s much harder
to name the things that you’re going to need. In all of our lives we can find
moments when we are distracted, and we want help to find that
little piece of intention. And that’s exactly
what we’re doing with focus mode,
a new feature that allows you to pause distracting
apps with a single tap. You don’t have to go
into each individual app and tap a bunch of settings. You can do this with
one Quick Setting tile on your Android device. So we’re really helping
the users who’ve come to us and said, I don’t want to
block everything on my device. There’s just a couple
of things I want to pause for a short period. That means your
notifications will be paused until you’re ready
to go back for them, and if you find yourself
reaching for the app, about to open it, you’ll
have a small nudge to remind you that you
really wanted to focus. And we think this is
important to do as Android, because it’s really
important to us that we have the responsibility
for making sure our users have a good experience. And part of that
good experience is helping people find moments
to focus during their day. How do you build healthy habits? How do you be your best self? If you’re trying
to make a change, we can help you
along that journey. [MUSIC PLAYING]