We had a bit of an incident
on the show last week– that’s what my lawyers
tell me to call it. So the guy who won American
Ninja Warrior was here, and we built one
of the obstacles outside because we thought
it would be a good idea to have Andy Zenor to try
it to show how hard it is. So he did, and here’s what
Andy looks like today. Andy, come on out. Oh, Andy. Tell everybody what happened. Well, luckily I was
selected to be the staffer to run across the American
Ninja Warrior obstacle– Luckily? Yes. I was very blessed to do so,
and I wanted to give it my all, so I really tried
really hard to do it. Right. And how quickly did you
know that it was broken? Immediately. Immediately, right
when you hit it. And you handled it very well
because you didn’t really show it when you got up from there. You just walked off, and then
I heard you say to someone, it’s broken. Yup. So you went home. You picked up your
daughter from school. And then you got
up in the morning, you took your
daughter to school, and then you came
here because you wanted to do it on the clock. I didn’t want to waste my time
on my arm, my hand, so I– So you came here
and did it while you were supposed to be working. Clocked in and
went to the doctor. I understand. So you were here a few
years ago when we set up the Ninja Warrior course. tWitch hurt his knee. Allison Janney hurt her back. Our executive producer
Derek tore his Achilles– he was in a boot
for about two years. So we had no idea
of knowing something like this could happen. The odds were in
my favor, right? Yeah, this is a shock to us. So you don’t have to watch this
Andy, but everyone else should. This is when he falls. You can’t really see anything. You can do it, Andy! You think so? Yeah. OK. Oh! And– That’s better
than the first time. That was better. I overcompensated. That was good. Ypu, and then he walks
off and says, it’s broken. And we had everything padded
so nothing would hurt you. I hit a padded wall. You hit a padded wall. But you have to understand,
Andy is so good at falling, we have him do
things all the time. Because we put you
through so much here. So there was the time
you fell several times during one of my
monologues– this one. OK. Oh, oh no. Oh no. Oh, oh. All right, so you didn’t
break anything there. Then you fell off a
horse playing polo with my friend Nacho. Ah, ah. Slow down, slow down! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I’m OK, I’m OK. Didn’t break anything there. Nope. Then you almost
drowned in guacamole. [CHEERING] Holy guacamole,
that was awesome! Andy? He can get out? I’m OK. He’s all right, right? You all right, buddy? Yeah, I’m good. It’s delicious. Got a rope for you, Zenor. Grab it, buddy. Grab it. He’s got it. You’re going to pull
him from the other side? Give me your hand,
give me your hand. You good? Holy guacamole,
that was awesome! Alright, so you’ve sacrificed
a lot for this show, so today I want to honor you. That is why I’m awarding you
with the Presidential Medal of Freedom Medal of Honor. This is a medal
given by someone who has won the Presidential Medal
of Freedom to you to honor you. So here we go, you are
winning this from me. [APPLAUSE] Sign that to be
able to receive it. To release us from liability. At least it’s just the
right hand, that’s good. All right, we love you, Zenor. Thank you, Ellen. We’ll be right back.