oh So [I] [decided] [to] be back here in Birmingham We’ve got kind of a kid when it’s coming here, and show you what they [have] got Okay, here. We go inside. This kill everybody let’s try to stay off the poses for a little bit chilly what if she was doing social media for the show a Little Feisty Mother’s Day Usually I’ve got all yours gun again. I’ve [pulled] out there enjoy providing good I Go hell, are you doing? We’re fine. Thank you. Just a little nervous. That’s understandable What’s your name? My name is Holly. Holly [okay]? What’s the name of your choir? [how’d] you know [the] require? I just presume they require because they look like they’re about to see my cause Angelica and So tell me a little bit about your choir. We’re school girls from Silesia and South wales age 12 and up and how long have you been singing together just a bit less than a year? Do you think you can win? We’ll try our best We all let some wheels this morning and came up with [our] family and friends on the bus We all became friends from being part of the quarry also some of us are in the same school [pray] about with everyone Road Yeah, and where the river yeah, we can do it as a group. We’re always against we never stop really We’ve always watched Milka talent and skill to be yosef to be news. I’m so excited to meet them today. [oh], [God] This is the biggest performance we’ve ever done. So we just wanted to go great a lot of hard work has gone into Performance must stage today, we just want to do our back Who or what inspires your choir our inspiration is our teacher, Mr.. Williams. He’s our hero If Mr.. Williams here with you yes, what’s so special about me [Williams] [overground] He’s just hurt too a great teacher and he brings out the best in all of us, but he’s had a difficult year really Mr.. Williams was in a terrible car crash school. I’m so sorry to hear that He was badly injured, but he fought back to be there for us and make her jealous happened We wish you [the] best of luck. I hope it goes well. We’re all rooting for you oh Okay, I wouldn’t say and I’ve heard this song a lot this was in my opinion the most beautiful incredible person really really it touched me. I thought it was sensational. I am very excited for your future You are the most lovely bunch of girls. [it] is so beautiful the harmonizing was gorgeous [I] thought it was a stunning performance It’s Mind-blowing to think that you are school girls from wales, not all professional singers because it just sounded so perfect and beautiful I agree. The sound that came out was just heavenly and I think everyone in this room felt it there’s something so special about you We’re really excited for you, and I can’t wait to see what you guys will do next. No folks David yeah for big fat Tyrell a second I’d like Mr.. William if we have much to say Full of circulation wow wow. I love that. I really really loved it