>>The Turks said that got everything they
wanted.>>Yeah, I was there.>>That’s Mike Pompeo, he had a very difficult
interview on ABC’s this week with George Stephanopoulos and for good reason, the Trump administration
has made all sorts of terrible decisions, you have Mick Mulvaney confessing to quid
pro quo, you have Donald Trump, abruptly pulling out of Syria. And the Syria story continues to develop. We continue to learn more about what’s going
on and where the US troops are being sent. But before we get to that, I do wanna talk
a little bit about how the Kurds have responded to this. Now, as you know, we had Kurdish allies in
northern Syria. Donald Trump, after a phone conversation with
the president of Turkey, decided to abruptly pull US troops out of that area. And he claimed that he was doing so because
he just wanted to end these forever wars, he wanted to bring the troops home. Now it’s clear that those troops are actually
not gonna go home. They’re gonna be directed to Iraq. But before we get to that, let’s take a look
at this video showing how Kurdish residents in the area have reacted to Donald Trump’s
decision. Now keep in mind the US troops that were there
were essentially serving as a buffer between the Turks and the Kurds. And there was some concern that if you pulled
the troops out, then Turkey’s actually going to move in with the military operation. And that is exactly what they have done. So let’s go to this video, it’s B roll, so
I want to keep our mics up. It shows how some of these residents in the
area, Kurdish residents have reacted. They’re throwing rotten tomatoes at US troops,
as they’re driving by as you can see. There are also protests where they had signs
criticizing how Trump has decided to abandon them and they’re fearful for their lives.>>Yeah, Trump said it’s working out perfectly.>>Yeah, he did.>>I’m sure that the, well, the Kurds there,
our former allies as in like a week ago that lost 11,000 people fighting ISIS. Both for themselves, but also on our behalf. I’m sure they were trying to give fruit and
vegetables to our troops on their way out, to make sure they weren’t hungry. I’m sure that’s how Trump would state it. And Mulvaney would say, yeah, they hate us. I’m sorry, I have a retraction of that statement,
they love us. And they were throwing the rocks and the tomatoes
as presence.>>Well, let’s go to Donald Trump’s crazy
and unhinged press conference from today. He was asked about his decision in Syria and
here is how he is illustrating what’s going on in northern Syria right now.>>We had 28 troops as it turned out, people
said 50, it was 28, and he had an army on both sides of the strips, those strips would
have been wiped out. I don’t think it’s necessary, other than we
secure the oil in a little different section but we just secure the oil. And the other region where we’ve been asked
by Israel and Jordan to leave a small number of troops is a totally different section of
Syria near Jordan, and close to Israel, and that’s a totally different section, that’s
a totally different mindset. So we have a small group there, and we’ve
secured the oil. Other than that, there’s no reason for it
in our opinion, and again, the Kurds are gonna be watching. We’re working with the Kurds, we have a good
relationship with the Kurds. But we never agreed to protect the courage. We spoke with them for three and a half to
four years.>>So, he thinks that the Kurds are not upset,
you saw from that video, they clearly are upset because they’ve been abandoned, but
more importantly, when he’s referring to the oil, he’s specifically talking about what
defense secretary Mark Esper shared with the public today,. So there will be a so called residual force,
American force in Syria to protect the oil field. And the reasoning that they are giving is,
well, we dont want the escaped ISIS fighters to get a hold of that oil, because that’s
one of the ways that they finance their terrorist activities, they’re also concerned about the
leader of that country having access to those oil fields because of the fact that is aligned
with Iran. So, the Trump administration is concerned
about that as well.>>Okay, so, I wanna thank the Trump administration
for making our priorities super clear. So a lot of politicians do what Trump does,
but they do it in a more subtle way, and they have systemic corruption, and Trump takes
it over top of personal corruption most of the time, but Trump just says it. He’s like we’re there for the oil. So he’s like, everything’s great. We’re not protecting the oil fields and not
any of the humans, right? So, normally, politicians do political speak. We’re so concerned about the Kurds and the
minorities in Syria, blah, blah, blah, the Christian minorities, our hearts go out to
them. Evangelicals, give me more votes. But we’ve only secured the oil fields. And so Trump says he doesn’t know any better. He just says it, I want the oil. So I put men around the oil and then the rest,
I don’t really care about. I mean do we really have a relation with the
Kurds? So they fought for us in the last three and
a half, four years, and 11,000 of them died on our behalf. Who cares? The oil though, the oil. We secure the oil. And it’s not just about ISIS, the chance of
a couple hundred ISIS guys recapturing all those oilfields is, for the moment being remote,
but Lindsey Graham also just flat out said and he said it is that we’re keeping the soldiers
air quote to modernize the oil fields and make sure they get the revenue, not the Iranians,
not. So this is all about, I don’t want to run
getting money. I want the money. I don’t want to run getting it. And now, let me say something that I’ve seen
nowhere else that is super important. When we put these, it, well, first, let me
actually tell you the stuff that you are hearing in other places. But that is really important. And then I’ll get to the thing that no one
else talking about. So we’re not leaving Syria. So, that was clear from what Trump said, to
go in just a small number of people and we’re moving them to a different part of Syria,
a different parts of Syria is still Syria. So, those thousand guys didn’t leave Syria. We didn’t end the endless wars. Anytime you hear a republican, or Trump supporter,
or any other person, saying that Trump is ending these wars, that’s just not true.>>In fact he just deployed, recently deployed
1,800 US troops to Saudi Arabia.>>So I was getting into that next. So where did he put the 1,800 soldiers in
Saudi Arabia? By the oil fields. Now wait, now this is really strange. Now, protecting the oil is not strange, we
all get it. Every administration was doing that. Anyway, they’re all obsessed with oil, oil,
oil, oil, oil, oil, right? Dick Cheney, couldn’t get oil out of his mind. Trump does the same thing, but Brazen, and
is more straightforward about why he’s doing it. Now, in Saudi Arabia, they’re like it is to
protect against the Iranian strikes of the Saudi oil fields. So now let me tell you what no one else is
saying. We’re using our soldiers as human shields. Because Iran could not possibly invade Saudi
Arabia on the ground, get to where our troops are and engage in a battle. No, we’re telling Iran, don’t bomb the oil
fields because you’ll kill the human shields that are called American troops. So if you do, then I will bomb you back and
we’ll start a war which is what of course, in reality, the neo cons and the Pentagon
want. Okay, the Trump doesn’t necessarily, I don’t
give a damn what Trump wants or he’s in his silly little head. But the bottom line is, both in guarding the
oil fields in Syria and guarding the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, we’re using our troops as
human shields. That’s a fact, there’s no question about it. Iran could not possibly get to those oil fields
unless they bomb from the air. So the point is, the only reason for our soldiers
to be there is to die.