(fanfare) – What brings you to
the Candy Bar, Orange? – Aw, my friends made me leave their side of the counter for a while. They said my candy jokes are too CORNY! (laughter) – Thanks for the pick-me-up, Orange. I’m going through a bit
of a SOUR PATCH right now! But that was a real LIFE SAVER! (laughter) – What can I say? I’m a SUCKER for candy puns! (laughter) (fanfare) – Swear you’ll never leave me! – Yo, don’t you worry! I’ll never DESSERT you! – Oh, you’re so SWEET! – [Dane’s Glorious Hand] I agree! (Candy Hearts yelp)
(Dane’s Glorious Hand bites) (fanfare) – Hey! Hey, Swedish Fish, hey! – Ja? – WATER you doing? (laughs)
(Swedish Fish groans) – That was terrible! – What, you think you can do BETTA? (laughs)
(Swedish Fish groans) – You tell too many fish jokes! – Too many fish jokes? GILL-ty as charged! (laughs)
– Stop! – Okay, okay. I’ll SCALE back! (laughs)
– No! – Aw, man. I’m trying to think of another fish pun, but I’m FLOUNDERING! (laughs)
(Swedish Fish yells) (fanfare) – [Man] Please silence your phones. There will be no intermission. – No intermission? Aw, I’m going to get so hungry! – Hey, don’t worry, bruh. I’ve got some TWIX up my sleeve! (laughter) – [Man] You two! Be quiet! – [Orange And Human Theatergoer] Sorry. (fanfare) – You can do it! – Hey, thanks for the encourage-MINT! (laughs)
(Peppermint groans) – That was terrible! – Are you kidding? It was MINT to be! (laughs)
(Peppermint groans) (fanfare) – Hey, hey Milk Chocolate! Hey! – Oh, great, time for
some more awful jokes. – Awful? Yo, whatchu talkin’ ’bout?? All my jokes are DAIRY funny! (laughs)
– Hey! See, this is exactly
what I was talking about! – Wow, no need to have a COW about it. (laughs)
– Hey! I’m leaving. – You’re not enjoying yourself? I’m UDDERLY flabbergasted! (laughs) (fanfare) – Hey, hey M&M! I bet I know who your
favorite rapper is. (laughs) – Yo, I actually don’t
care for any wrappers. My hard candy shell is
a good enough coating. – Oh, I wasn’t talking
about candy wrappers. – Yo, then what were you talking about? – I was talking about RAPPERS. I was trying to get you to say Eminem. – Yo, M&Ms are a type of candy. – No. – Yes, they are. I’m an M&M. I would know. – Oh man, this joke did not go as planned. – Oh, you’re trying to tell a joke? Well, I got a joke for ya: SKITTLES. Skittles are a complete joke! – Hey, I heard that, M&M! – Yeah? Why don’t you taste this rainbow?! – Oh, that’s it! I’m coming over there–
– Yeah, you want some of this? You better bring it–
– I’m gonna tear that– (M&M and Skittle argue more)
– I’m gonna go. (fanfare) (playful music)