Hello Friends! Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Today we are going to make Apple Orange Halwa (Dessert) Here are the Ingredients: Orange Peeled and removed the seeds cut in small pieces 1 grated Apple Sugar (as per taste) 2 tsp. Clarified butter Almond chips Pistachio chips Cashew nuts Cardamom powder First of all we will heat up the clarified butter and add dry fruits one by one Cashews Pistachio and Almonds Now we will roast these until they are golden brown in color Dry fruits are roasted properly now we will transfer these in plate Now we will add grated apple in the same pan roast it for 2-3 minutes Grate apple when you are planning to use it Otherwise it will start getting brown we will let it roast for some time keep stirring, so it won’t get stick to the pan Apple is dark brown in color now and is properly roasted Now we will add orange to this mix well and let it roast for few minutes mix is looking golden in color after two minutes add sugar powder Mix sugar powder properly Now sugar is properly mixed we will add cardamom powder and roasted dry fruits mix well properly Healthy and tasty Apple Orange Halwa (Dessert) is ready Enjoy this healthy dessert with your family & friends