This is the first ever ARCTIC ZERO Pint Eating Competition! Now, the first contestant to crush their 150 calorie pint will go home with the record, a trophy, and of course, a year’s supply of ARCTIC ZERO. Let’s meet the contestants! What do you say, guys? My name is Chachi Gonzales. I’m a choreographer, dancer. My name is Kevin Hofer, and I’m a yoga and body movement enthusiast. My name is Matt Steffanina. I’m a dancer and choreographer, and frozen dessert eating prodigy. My name is Alyssa Smith. I’m a fit enthusiast, and I’m an ARCTIC ZERO connoisseur. My name is Ashantay Dedman. I’m a fitness model and a fit mom. ARCTIC ZERO is like the perfect dessert for me because I can still lead my healthy lifestyle, stay active with dancing and keep it tight. Crushing a pint in one sitting for me is a common occurrence. You’re able to adhere to your carb intake, your fat intake. I am here to crush a pint of ARCTIC ZERO and get my dessert on. I’m in tune with the spoon. I’m in the zone. I chose Vanilla Maple today. It’s kind of my go-to. Chachi’s getting nervous back there. I let her know that I was coming for her. I don’t fear anybody here. Contestants, are you ready to Get Your Dessert On? That’s what I’m talking about. I’ve already gone over the rules with all the competitors, and the most important thing you guys need to know is the first one to finish a pint and flip it wins. On your marks, get set, [whistle] It’s happening. It’s all going down. Kevin, ripping into his pint. Having a little trouble with the spoon, but he makes a great recovery. Tay, getting into it. Matt, very relaxed, bringing the style. Alyssa, great technique there, using her palms to warm up the frozen dessert so she can consume it faster. Tay, diving in. Dipping the head down, making sure she’s got the right angle. Matt’s got one hand on the spoon, one hand on the pint, and he is dancing it out right now. Love this effort out of Alyssa. Massive spoonfuls. How are we doing? Tay, looking good. Looking strong. I like the form. Leaning back. Now, we’ll only have one winner today, but everybody is a champion because this is low calorie, delicious, frozen dessert. Ooh, it’s getting close. Let’s hear it for these guys. Come on! Oh! Oh! Alyssa Smith claiming victory. Ref is coming in to make sure it’s official. Champion! Alyssa Smith, ARCTIC ZERO super fan, crowned champion. Alyssa Smith, 1 minute and 21 seconds. You are our first ever ARCTIC ZERO Pint Eating champion! And along with that trophy, you also get a year’s supply of ARCTIC ZERO. Bring it out! I’m going to start training for next time. I didn’t have the method she had. She figured it out. At one point, I did start to freeze up, so I had a little dance break, brought it back. All right. Are you guys at home ready to Get Your Dessert On?