– Area 51? What is that? Isn’t that like the alien thing? – There’s like over a million
people signed up for this. Billy Ray Cyrus, Chuck Norris, what the, oh my word. Lil Nas has like remixed
his song for this? There’s a meme where the aliens at Area 51
are asking the scientists if they can try fettuccine Alfredo. Um, yes, please. But I think we can do a
really fun twist on it like, maybe dye the noodles or something like, make ’em feel a little more at home. (creepy music) I just literally took some
noodles that are boxed, followed the instructions, boiled them, drained them, and mixed a
little bit of food coloring. So we’re gonna make both
purple and blue noodles. Oh my God. I think I have an eyelash. I literally want you to
come blow in this eye. (woman laughing) – [Woman] Are you sure? – I’m positive, literally just blow on it. – [Woman] Okay. – All right guys, once you’ve
got your noodles colored we’re gonna set this aside and
start on the Alfredo sauce. We’re gonna start with a
few tablespoons of butter that we’re gonna put
straight into this pan. Once that butter is melted
we’re going to now add cream. We’re gonna let this sit and
marry for about five minutes and while we wait I’m gonna
grate our Parmesan cheese. It’s been about five minutes and our cream and butter mixture is bubbling and I’ve got my cheese grated so I’m just gonna toss that in. So I’m gonna give this a little whisk, make sure it’s all combined. All right, so, the cheese is melted in dry cream and butter mixture so I’m gonna grab a clove of garlic. All right guys just give
that a little bit of a smack because it makes it easier for you to separate the peal from the garlic. I’m gonna add that to our garlic press. We’re gonna give it a
little bit of a squeeze. I know you can’t smell that but when that garlic hit that cream I swear all the aliens in Area 51 and outside this galaxy, they’re all coming. That was so cheesy, just
like this Alfredo sauce. (laughs) Now that our Alfredo sauce is done we are going to take our noodles and mix that together with our sauce. I mean it’s as easy as twisting this. There’s no real wrong way to do this. So we’re just gonna get
all this pasta sauce in here with these colored noodles. All right guys, for the finishing touches we’re gonna grate a little
bit of this Parmesan cheese that we’re now calling moon dust. Yeah. Look at that. It’s snowing in the middle of August. Name that reference. Do you know that movie? What did you say it was? No, I think that was
Nanny McPhee or something. (laughs) Or is it Narnia. I don’t know, anyway. There you have it guys. It’s our intergalactic, out of this world, fettuccine Alfredo. Perfect for all of our friends
coming in from Area 54, 54, Studio 54.