Soak 300g dried peeled mung beans into water for a hour to soften them Steam soaked mung beans for 30 minutes on high heat Pour 800ml cold water into the pot Add 400g white sugar into the water Mix it well Add few panda leaves into the water for aroma …keep stirring to dissolve sugar in the water Boil it for 5 mintutes Add liquid of 100g corn flour & 100 ml cold water into boiling water Pour slowly and stir constantly to avoid lump on the bottom Simmer on slow heat until it turns clear Add vanilla powder Add cooked mung bean into the paste ..stir gently until well combined Simmer on slow heat for another 5 minutes Top up with coconut milk Garnish some shredded coconut on top Thank you for watching my video Stay tuned for more videos right here on Foodloverchannel