well this is kind of fun looking through
these because I didn’t realize I had so many awards or certificates of
appreciation Amburg military sub community Teresa Willie certificate of
appreciation I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere
appreciation for the support you’ve provided to the ambered military
community from April 93 April 91 as a volunteer you not only provided valuable
service to this community but you did it when the community confronted its most
difficult challenges of Desert Shield you’re concerned for your fellow
community members and your willingness to help has served as an outstanding
example to all for all to follow your dedicated service and willingness to
improve the quality of life in Amburg is greatly appreciated by all presented
this day 26 day of April 1991 commanding lieutenant armor commanding
I have no idea what’s what that says I have no idea what his name knows there so it must have been a different Colonel
but I can’t read his name though maybe he was a temporary colonel
possibly I don’t know but I can’t it looks like it might start with an F
possibly I don’t know