– Hi, My name is Rishab Aggarwal -I’m Vidisha Singh -I’m Rachit Aggarwal -And I’m Resham Sharma We are a team of young innovators Today we are here to present our smart device ASARA -That is – Affordable Smart Access Rescue for the Aged -Keeping in view of the current nuclear family setups We all have elderly people and grandparents at our home And they are on their own most of the times In case of a medical emergency like a Cardiac Arrest, a Paralytic Stroke or an Asthmatic or Bronchitic Attack The response time is very high So we need to reduce the response time so that medical help can reach them as soon as possible. -In that case we have devised a SOS Smart Technology. You are merely a click away from multiple help channels such as the nearest hospital the closet family member the neighborhood and the helpline number 112. -As per our last video we have made some improvements in our prototype. So, we have increased the size of the handle for better grip. We have added a torch for the support in night. We have added a solar panel so that it can be recharged in case there is no availability of electricity. Also we have replaced the Wifi Module(Node-MCU) with a GSM(Sim 900a) so as to increase its connectivity and accessibility. -So we have made the ASARA handle with the help of 3d printing technology. The design has been made on an online designing software called Tinkercad. According to the community feedback we got the last time, we have adjusted the length of handle so that better comfort can be given to elderly people. -This is our Creator Pro. The handle of ASARA is being printed here right now. The filament we have used to print this is a special one, it glows in dark and this would help the aged people to find the stick even if its night time -This is our prototype ASARA. This is the trigger button, here this is the Led torch lamp, this is the port to charge it via Solar Panel. Here this is the Arduino that controls all the things, this is the GSM Module, this is the battery pack. So, here you can see the code, and when I press this trigger (button), I received an SMS which you can see here. -I’ll be the first customer. -Okay, uncle. -Where to contact for this, after you complete this? -You can ask in the school for ATL Lab, we work there. -I liked it a lot, very good. -I appreciate your efforts as a scientist. Carry on! -The price range of this prototype is between Rupees 1500 to Rupees 2000 However, -We can use the help of Atal Incubation Centers to reduce the price of this prototype. -Because the elderly people are a very vulnerable age group and we hope to serve them and give them a better life quality and security. -And of course, Thank you so much to Niti Aayog and Atal Innovation Mission for encouraging such wonderful community and scientific endeavours. We really look forward for more opportunities further. Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚