Hi guys, welcome to my channel! Today in
this video, I will share with you another delicious dessert for this hot Summer, called Asian Mixed Fruit Dessert, or Che Thai in Vietnamese. It is fresh and really tasty, you guys. Ok, so let’s begin to make the
pomegranate seeds. Open the water chestnut can. And then
drain well. Cut the water chestnut into small cubes like pomegranate seeds or you can cut it bigger if you like. I’m using 1 can of water chestnut
about 4 oz. If you don’t have water chestnut, you can use jicama instead. I’s also good in this recipe. And then place the chestnut into a bowl, and add a
few drops of red food colouring and then mix well until all the chestnuts
covered with red. And then place it into a plastic bag and pour in 1 cup of tapioca starch. Seal the top and then shake very well to coat. Now we strain the chestnut mixture to
remove any excess flour by using a colander. Bring water to a boil on medium heat, and then
pour in the chestnut mixture. And then stir well to separate the chestnut since
they have tapioca starch on. Cook for 3 minutes or until you see all the seeds float
to the very top and then remove the seeds from the hot
water and place them into the icy water. This will help prevent any sticking. And
then remove the seeds from icy water and place in a bowl, and set aside. Now we making the dessert. Open one can
jack fruit in syrup, one can of green Al-Yu jelly, one can of Toddy Palm, one can of Longan, finally one can of Lychee. Now we pour the syrup of longan, syrup of lychee, syrup of jackfruit, and syrup of toddy palm
into a big bowl. And then we cut the longan into small pieces. For this recipe,
it’s perfect if you have all the fresh fruits. And then place it into the syrup bowl, and continue to cut lychee into small
pieces. Cut jackfruit into this trips. Cut toddy palm into thin slices. Now we slice green al-yu jelly, and then cut it into small cubes. And then place it and other fruits into syrup bowl. Now we pour in the pomegranate seeds
that we’ve already made earlier. And finally pour in about 2 cups of
whipping cream, or you can also use coconut milk instead. And then mix them up. At this time, you can also add some ice
into the bowl if you like. Now we transfer the dessert into a
class and deco with mint and enjoy Hope you find this recipe helpful,
please let me know your results if you make it. Thanks for watching, bye bye.