Wow!! 100,000 subscribers! Thank you very much ^^) Today there are a variety of dessert foods. Rainbow Crepe Cake It’s so delicious! I like the sound of cutting a crepe cake. best! Buying Rainbow Cakes at Coffeesmith Melt in your mouth Jelly bead candy Sweet and chewy! it’s delicious Giant Burger Jelly best! Wow! The taste is so delicious It looks like a real hamburger ^^) I’ll eat one by one! What kind of burger do you like? This is delicious Dice candy Sweet and grape flavored! Candy is delicious Jelly bead candy Eat for the first time Taste varies by color Haribo Mega Roulette Jelly 6 different flavors! Pineapple flavor Orange flavor It’s so delicious! I really like crepe cake I am so happy to have delicious food! Popping Boba Burst into my mouth I made myself using food coloring ^^) Taste is the same Thank you for watching our video ~. Stay with me I love you ^^) See you next time 🙂