Hi everybody, and welcome to my Jewish
ASMR Channel. In today’s video I’m going to talk to you about Israel’s best
national winter dessert and favorite childhood snack. The one and only
Krembo! Snd I will also be giving you a recipe to make your very
own home made Krembo. So the nameKrembo actually means
“cream is inside it.” So here it is, and it’s made from a biscuit base, with
fluffy marshmallow inside, coated with a very thin layered chocolate. In Hebrew we say “shokolad.” Now it turns out that this thin
chocolate crust doesn’t contain enough cocoa to be legally referred to as
chocolate, and so they call it a “cremecao.” And the most popular flavor by far
is vanilla, followed by mocha. The name Krembo
is actually a trademark by the biggest company that makes Krembo in Israel,
the Straus company, whose Factory is by Dimona. There are two schools of thought
as to where Krembo originated. Some say that it came from Denmark, about
200 years ago from a Danish dessert or snack called Flødeboller cookies. Another school of thought says that it
actually originated in Montreal, where a similar-looking a snack originated, called Whippets. Whether our beloved Krembo
came from Denmark or Montreal, it is definitely Israel’s favorite winter snack and apparently 50 million Krembo units are
consumed every winter by Israelis, which equates to around
nine Krembo units per person. How many? How many? 1-9. Nine units per
person. Strauss actually carried out a survey and found that 69%
of Israelis liked to eat the Krembo from the top down to the base. Now this little
Krembo here weighs 115 grams and has about 115 calories for
those of you that are interested in its nutrition. And the other beautiful thing about it
is that it is, as we say in Hebrew, “parve” meaning it is dairy-free. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I find that gluten-free food is a
lot easier to find than dairy-free food, when you are
outside of Israel. So for any of you that either keep kosher or have a dairy
allergy, this is a wonderful little snack that you can have. Now I’m going to tell
you a few random facts about the Krembo and then we will take a
Krembo unit and open it up inside to show you the marshmallow filling. So Krembo has
entered our pop culture and it can be found in songs and
movies. And every year in Israel Krembo goes up in its demand, and those who
produce it find it difficult to keep up with that demand. In fact, in 2017 The
Times of Israel reported that there was a Krembo shortage. One of the things we used to love to do with Krembo when I was a
little girl living in Israel, is that each Krembo would come individually
wrapped in foil, and we would unwrap it. And after we ate the Krembo we would
flatten the foil, which was in a square or rectangle shape, and I
remember that we would try and smooth out all the wrinkles, which was a lot of fun
back in those days. Today the Krembo has lost its silver
foil covering and is much more environmentally friendly when it comes
in these packs of eight. But to give you an appreciation, the
Krembo that is individually wrapped, is on a conveyor belt. And the people
that hand wrap (yes, it gets hand wrapped) are able to do so at an average of 30
Krembo units per minute. Can you imagine that? Hand wrapping 30 Krembo units every
minute? You have to be very, very fast and very, very efficient. And in 2015 a Royal
Jordanian flight had to make an emergency landing in Israel. And staff at
Ben Gurion Airport greeted the passengers with boxes ofKrembo. Alright,
so now I’m going to take a Krembo and open it to show you what’s inside. As you
can see, these cracks are quite usual because it’s very, very thin. And there we are. This filling is a very sweet, vanilla and sticky. And there we go.
And as promised I’m now going to share with you a Krembo recipe. A
lot of people who make homemade Krembo like to make their own biscuits. But for
the sake of keeping things simple, I suggest you just buy a round biscuit
of any vanilla, plain flavor. As for the marshmallow filling, you will
need some egg whites, white sugar, a bar of dark chocolate (and since you’re
making it at home, you can definitely go for a higher cacao percentage). And some
oil, which can be any vegetable-based oil or coconut oil if you’d like a little
bit of a flavour. And you’ll need to beat the egg whites, slowly adding the sugar.
The trick here is to make sure that there is no egg yolk or water in your
bowl or mixture as you are beating and fluffing it up. After that’s done you can
melt the chocolate in a double-boiler over the stovetop, or microwave it. Once
melted, add the oil. Now you’re going to want to line a sheet pan with the
biscuits. Then place a spoonful of the fluffy, egg white mixture onto each
biscuit. Once you’ve done all the biscuits, put everything in the freezer
for a couple of hours. Just before they’re ready to be served
remove them from the freezer and carefully coat with the melted chocolate
mixture. And there you go, homemade Krembo! Guys thank you so much for joining me
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Thank you again, and I’ll see you all in the next video. Bye, goodnight.