Today I will eat Cherry Bingsu because it’s so hot in Korea🎶 Cherry is so delicious by itself. I will wash it and dry. In order: cherry, popping boba, blueberry jam, condensed milk, vanilla ice cream, frozen milk, macaron. It melts so quickly because of the hot weather haha. But Bingsu is MUST-to-eat in summer! Feels like my mouth is already freezing?! Hahaha. The ice is made up of milk so it’s so soft and sweet. Oops! A bite for Hongsi❤️ It’s sweet but it’s so icy cold. Hongsi, do you like Bingsu?! Popping boba~ Here’s full of cherries but only I can see.. (disappointing..) I should make it show out next time. I tried cherry Bingsu at shop another day and I fell in love with it. So I made it at home and it was delicious. Cherry has a high sugar content so it’s a good match with Bingsu! But, the only problem is that cherry is too expensive in Korea. Popping boba and Bingsu is also a good match. My body temperature went down 10 degrees haha. Hongsi~! Tell me some of your tips for cooling down the heat ◉_◉ About this texture of the ice is just right for Bingsu right~!?! Then now let’s mixmix~~! Before it was too cold but now it’s just right and easier to eat. I think I will sleep cool tonight hehe. I will stop here since I’m getting too cold~!>o