Hongsi! ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ Today I prepared, a variety of chocolate Mukbang. Firstly, it’s Natuur’s milk&cookie bar. There are cookies stuck on its outside. Inside also has cookies in it, so you can feel the crunchiness when you eat it. It’s very soft and it feels like a sorbet melting in my mouth (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) My mouth starting to get very cold hehe. There is some time when you crave for sugars. And that time I gather all the biscuits, cakes, and ice cream and eat them hehe. I recommend for those who are craving for sweets (*ゝω・*) Ah~ it was good. This time, I will have the Maltesers dipped in a milk. Oops! I made a mistake (˃̥̥ω˂̥̥̥) You are first Hongsi. I’m in to Maltesers these days… I start with few balls, and then I end up getting emptying the bucket. There’s a biscuit which the outside is coated with a thick chocolate and the inside is crunchy. Crispy choco. Cream water coated with Belgian milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzles. Almond Pepero. I like almond Pepero the most among the other Pepero flavors. Double dip choco white Pepero. Inside is coated with white chocolate. It’s delicious because I can feel the thick chocolate. CU convenience store’s one of best food, ‘original mochi roll choco’. It’s so soft that I don’t even have to chew haha. Choco cookie. It’s half chocolate, half biscuit, so it’s not that sweet. Oreo thin cookie 2 flavors. One is original~ And this is Oreo tiramisu~ Wonder what’s inside this one~ And now I ruined it 〣( ºΔº )〣 This is a chocolate creme choux from ‘A twosome place’ cafe. So sugary! It’s really delicious. Inside has chocolate choux and above the choux, it’s covered with fresh cream. It’s good with Oreos. I eat this often in my lunch time so I wanted to share this with you guys ♡* Inside is full of cream. I normally eat this bit by bit using a fork, but it gets messy when I was watching it during filming, so I had to eat it by hand hehe. If I had an ice americano now, I could eat more than 2 of this one hehehe. People requested me a different Mukbangs other than the seafood Mukbang, so I will add different menus from now on which I haven’t show you before. Dip it in a milk~ It’s good with a fresh cream but for today I just had with milk~ I will have the rest of the milk. I really enjoyed the chocolate party today (๑>ᴗ