Hi~ Please Subscribe/Like/Comments! Macaron(Yogurt) sweet and delicious~ The texture of kokku is crunchy and chewy. Ring Donut It’s covered with green chocolate. As expected, it is sweet and yummy I bought this doughnuts from Dunkin. Marshmallow choco cookie It’s soft and moist. There’s a sticky marshmallow inside. Pigbar cake It tastes like pig bar ice cream. You Know pig bar? Combination of strawberry, whipped cream, and cookie crumbs Pig face I bought the cake at Doredore. Kitkat red velvet donut It’s so red It tastes good and choco is crunchy. Macaron(Earl Grey) I love the taste of earl grey cream. It’s so yummy and mild. Macaron(Milk) The milk-flavor is always delicious. Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe/Like/Comments!