Hi guys! Milk Today, I having cute cakes. (•ө•) ♡ It’s an orange cake Oh it’s softer than I thought There’s an orange in the cake it’s so delicious! I smell a little vanilla It used to be a meringue cookie, but it’s kind of soft. lol Peach Cake I thought it would taste like peaches, but it tastes like strawberries! I think it’s good to eat with marshmallow The pink syrup inside is sour, so it goes well with the sweet marshmallow It’s white chocolate What’s the taste inside? It tastes like cheese I wanted to hear the crispy sounds, so I prepared ٩(。•ω•。)و This is a bit salty and savory cactus cake! It’s so cute It’s also have a hat It tastes like Chocolate Truffle I’ll eat the dirt It’s the same Choco Crunkey It tastes like cookies and cream Green chocolate coating is thin on the outside, so it melts gently in the mouth Star candy It has a cake sheet inside and tastes like blueberries There are fresh blueberries here Thank you for watching