Today we prepared a convenience store lunch and dessert. Have you eaten yet? Eat together ~~~ Tummuch meat lunch box Please take a bite first. Ah ~~ Let’s eat a convenience store lunch for the first time Vienna sausage It’s delicious. The stir-fried meat is also delicious This is soy sauce seasoned beef bulgogi Oh ~~ Convenience lunch box. It’s delicious. Quail eggs Lunch box side dishes. hehe It is fried kimchi Egg roll Now I’ve tasted it all so I’ll eat it in earnest. One more meat ~ Put the egg on the kimchi Ah ~~~~ It’s very delicious ~~~ ^^ Now shall we eat ramen? It’s the last one already. I was sorry that Jin Ramen didn’t have a big cup. Last spoon is ramen soup and Now that we have a good meal, let’s eat dessert. Ham Egg Sandwich I can’t see it because it is reflected by the light. Basic sandwich but you know ?? Delicious Cover the light with a sandwich case. hehe how is it? Are you okay? Last dessert Your support is great for me. Please support and subscribe and like it. I ate it deliciously today ~~ See you again ~~~ ^^