Hi~ Please *Like* *Subscribe* *Comments* I’ll try a colorful rainbow desserts. Meringue cookies It’s crunchy and It melts in my mouth 🙂 It tastes like cotton candy. ^ ^ The taste is not different for each color This cookie is made of egg white and sugar. Macaron It’s all red. It tastes like strawberry. It’s sweet and delicious. yogurt-flavored macaron I bought macaroons for 1,000 won each. It’s cheap and delicious. Lemon-flavored macaron Refreshing. I think macaroons are all delicious. 🙂 Green tea-flavored macaron Isn’t the color so pretty? What color do you like? 🙂 I like sky blue and purple. Mint flavored macaron Mint has a refreshing taste. It’s so good. Blueberry-flavored macaron Rainbow Crepe Cake It melts in my mouth. It smells like fruit and tastes good. 🙂 Rainbow popping boba Colors so pretty~ I’m not good at chewing Popping Boba. I’m going to cover my mouth because of the shape become strange I made this popping-boba by dyeing it with food coloring. It tastes like lychee. Thanks for watching.
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