I will gently rub it with a brush… The color of water has changed, doesn’t it? Tightly press the cloth that has ginseng. And slice it as thin as possible. Mix honey and ginseng well. Put some more honey. then the honey ginseng marmalade is complete ! (This is) red ginseng extract liquid. Korean generally drink the liquid (with water.) Dilute it like this, the red ginseng toner is made. If you put the toner in an empty mist bottle, spray it on both sides. I’ll dry it using a fan. And if you wet the cotton pad in the toner,
you can use it as a pack. Take it on the mortar. Grind it slowly. Put some 2g of chrysanthemum into teapot. And pour water from cooling bowl to teapot. (Pour the chrysanthemum tea) into teacups. When you drink, take 1 pack out. Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome to herbal medicine clinic. Are you here to experience traditional Korean culture? Nice to meet you, I’m myaling. From now on,
we will find out how Korean handle insomnia. We will experience medicinal herbs
such as ginseng, ginger, jujube, roasted jujube seed, and chrysanthemum used to treat insomnia. Of course
the medicine prescription from hospital is good, but medicinal plants give humans the life’s wonder. Plant itself is used as medicine to cure human diseases, And It gives you the courage to start again any time through the perennial process of plants that sprout, grow, bear fruit, and sprout again. Then, here we go~~. First, let me introduce ginseng,
the famous medicinal herb. Ginseng is taken by the root part. Ginseng has many sizes and lengths
depending on the years. This is a 6 years old ginseng. It’s quite big and long, isn’t it? It’s long as the middle finger. Ginseng is good for relieving stress
and recovering from fatigue, so it helps you sleep well. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, ginseng is consumed by students who with the upcoming exam, workers who can’t sleep well due to stress,
and old people. However Ginseng isn’t used alone
in herbal medicine clinic since it’s not suitable for those who have a lot of body heat. Instead, herbal medicine clinics prescribe the other herbs that can help control the side effects of heat. In my case, I have taken Korean medicine with ginseng for three years because of cold body. Now, are you curious how to take ginseng at home? Ginseng is taken by many people in many different ways, so I’ll let you know typical ways. The simplest way to take ginseng is to boil it. First, i have to rinse the ginseng before it boils. I’ve already cleaned ginseng, but I’ll clean it one more time
because it may be covered with invisible dust. I will gently rub it with a brush in this way. Wipe the ginseng with a cloth and dry it thoroughly. And Put the dried ginsengs in the zipper bags and stored in the freezer. There should be no air in the zipper bag,
let the air out like this. After that, put 3 ginsengs in a cotton bag, and put the bag in a Herb Extractor. Fill up the water about one quarter liters. And boil down for 1 hour. The color of water has changed, doesn’t it? When you hear the boiling sound,
turn off the Herb Extractor. And tightly press the cloth that has ginseng. Now pour the boiling water into a teacup. Put some little honey in the water and stir well, will finish up! Tries to see and smell it before you drink. How is it~ ๐Ÿ˜€ ? Don’t you feel like the scent of nature? Then.. Sip the tea because it’s hot. How is it~? It will not taste bitter due to honey. It’s good to drink the tea in the morning while fasting before breakfast. Especially if you drink it before dinner,
you can sleep soundly at night. Next, I will make a honey ginseng marmalade. The honey ginseng marmalade is fermented honey and ginseng for a month, it’s sweet and delicious when you drink it in water. First of all,
cut off the clean ginseng head and separate the body from the root. Split in half and slice it as thin as possible. Put the sliced ginseng in a bowl and honey. Mix honey and ginseng well. Now Transfer it to an airtight jar, and put some more honey. The general ratio of honey and ginseng is a One to one. Cover the lid and ferment it in a cool place for a month, then the honey ginseng marmalade is complete ! You should drink it with tepid water
for an effectiveness of ginseng. After you eat the marmalade,
you should keep it refrigerated to prevent a mold. Next, we use it on skin. Do you know red ginseng? Steaming and drying out turns red, which is red ginseng. And this is red ginseng extract liquid. Korean generally drink the liquid with water. However, we’re going to use it to the skin,
so I’ll prepare a cosmetic cottons and mist bottle. First of all, I’ll add it in water to dilute. There is no problem with red ginseng cosmetics that are sold on the market because of the addition of anti color technology, but We make our own red ginseng cosmetic, so there’s a risk of being colored on our skin. So it’s important to dilute it. Dilute it like this, the red ginseng toner is made. And if you put the toner in an empty mist bottle, a red ginseng mist is made. Keep the toner in fridge. Would you like to try it? I’ll spray it on both sides. How is it? It feels fresh, doesn’t it? And.. I’ll dry it using fan. The red ginseng toner makes your skin healthy since it has an antioxidant effect and immunity function. And if you wet the cotton pad in the toner,
you can use it as a pack. Wet the toner on the cotton pad… and put it on your both cheeks. It’s a little cold. Good ๐Ÿ™‚ If you keep it fridge and use it during the summer, you could soothe your skin. Then.. I’ll just stay like this for about 5 minutes. Let’s take it off now. The other side.. I’ll tap and absorb it. How do you feel? Your skin feels so calm and fresh, right? Okay ๐Ÿ™‚ Lastly~ I will introduce medicinal herbs that are also good for insomnia rather than ginseng. Like all medicine, If you take one for a long time,
you may have problem. So please be careful. Then let me introduce the herbs one by one. The medicinal herbs are ginger, jujube, chrysanthemum, and roasted jujube seed for deep sleep. First of all, let me introduce the dried ginger. Ginger is a popular ingredient for dessert and beverage. Especially ginger is good for relieving fatigue
and deep sleep because of blood circulation. Also you can sleep well by just putting the sliced ginger at the bedside. But it has a warm quality, so if you have a lot of heat in your body, don’t eat it. The next is jujube. Color is pretty, isn’t it? Smell it ~ It smells sweet, right? The more you chew, the sweeter it taste. Jujube is good for people who cannot fall asleep easily and it’s good to boil jujube and drink them as tea. Next is dried chrysanthemum ! It’s very famous ingredient of tea that helps you sleep well at night. Smell it~ How is it~? It has delicate scent. It’s popular for everyone because it is visually beautiful too. Furthermore, putting it in the house has the effect of preventing diseases, Plus, it gives you decoration to your house. And now~ This is a roasted jujube seed It has a small oval shape. The roasted jujube seed is a good medicine for curing insomnia and anemia. When you can’t fall asleep because you’re tired, it’s good to drink about 6 grams a day. But please avoid who are pregnant. And let me introduce Glycyrrhiza that is good with all the medicinal herbs. It’s especially good to drink it with jujube and ginger. Another herb is ~ Another herb is an achyranthes. It looks amazing, isn’t it? This herb is good for knee joint. Also this is good for people with body ache and migraine. Simplest way to drink is boiling. I’ve introduced you all herbs, let’s drink the chrysanthemum tea, which is good for deep sleep. I’m going to grind it. Grinding it make scent stronger~ Take it on the mortar. And~ Grind it slowly ๐Ÿ™‚ The grinding sound is very good, right? And put it in one place. Open the lid of the teapot and place lid on lid holder. Pour hot water from water kettle to cooling bowl. Grab tea cloth and pour hot water from cooling bowl to warm up. And place the lid onto teapot. Pour hot water into tea cups to heat up. Throw away the water from each tea cup to the bowl. Now tea cups are pre-heated. Put some 2g of chrysanthemum into teapot. Now Pour hot water to cooling bowl again. And pour water from cooling bowl to teapot. Pour the chrysanthemum tea into teacups. If you place flower on top of your tea, you could drink slowly and refresh your mind. While grabbing the tea cup,
place your hand on bottom of the cup, not on top. Here you are ๐Ÿ™‚ How is it~? It’s not hot, is it? That’s a relief. Don’t you feel relief on your stomach? It’s better to drink before bed. If you like the tea, do you want to take some? Okay ๐Ÿ˜€ I will give you 3 packs in total. When you drink, take 1 pack out . Don’t drink too often,
and try it when you are struggling to sleep. Here you are ~ How did you feel about the herbs that are good for treating insomnia? I want you to feel unique experience this time. Then, Bye Bye.