We send ATEEZ’s small TMI! Ah! What a small NEWZ! Hello, it’s Yun Ho Jung of ATEEZ who is an anchor of ANEWZ Have you seen the spoilers that we released about a full album in the last ANEWZ? Please expect a lot what news I brought for today And I’m going to start ANEWZ today It’s the first news In September, our Min Gi couldn’t work the schedules for 2 weeks due to his health problem But he recovered his health through enough rest time, and could come back to work for the full album Min Gi’s secrets to recover his health were loves from ATINY, supports, and the Korean Beef which is the pride of Korea Min Gi had 4 serves of the top class of Korean beef and 2 rices, to try to recover his health as soon as possible and not to make ATINY worries about that for the rest time I heard he had mint chocolate ice-cream for dessert It’s so perfect mix However I actually don’t like mint chocolate ice cream that much It was my TMI Alright Please don’t be sick, Min Gi Fighting Let’s move on to the next news In September, ATEEZ uploaded their selfies in the swimming pool And they got the sense of shame and great responses Seong Hwa, San, Woo young, Yeo Sang, Yun Ho and me enjoyed to play in the pool And they started to have a competition of diving immediately Woo Young got first place from the competition (Okay…) Woo Young who got first place is really good at underwater swimming It’s very obvious that he’s a seal of ATEEZ I didn’t even know there was a person under water I worried a lot as he didn’t come out from the water so long I hope ATINY can see Woo Young’s swimming skills who is a seal of ATEEZ Let’s move on to the next news October 12th, our cute youngest member Jong Ho Choi is so much excited as he has the first birthday after he debuted and he became over 18 Let’s have a look how much he is excited I hope they buy this for me Birthday present Happy birthday ♥ Expecting birthday Wow, he is so cute Jong Ho was the youngest member But there is no gift for you, Jong Ho (You can expect it!) Let’s move on to the next news In the V Live before their comeback ATINY requested to get some spoilers And Yun Ho gave a spoiler as ‘I want some snacks~’ He gave the spoiler as ‘Snack’ in the second episode of ANEWZ Does anyone remember? Snack~ Yun Ho felt so proud of himself about his great sense after we finished the Live He said he was itching to say about it And he is enjoying to work for the new album It’s a good news I always see ATEEZ but I think Yun Ho is very handsome the most in ATEEZ Yeah, he’s cool I’m going to look forward your great works ATEEZ, they have a song that haven’t been released? The last news is about fan meeting October 24th is ATEEZ’s first anniversary It’s our first anniversary I heard they are going to release the song that haven’t released yet on the fan meeting MOON RIVER to celebrate their first anniversary I’m so excited to listen to the song [※You can watch <MOON RIVER>through V LIVE on the day]
ATINY who is curious [※You can watch <MOON RIVER>through V LIVE on the day]
Please come on the fan meeting MOON RIVER on October 24th Please look forward to it Let’s move on to the next news We have prepared a segment after we considered a lot A segment for ATINY who is very curious TREASURE FILM, we can say now! We have two guests who will help Hello Oh, Celeb, celeb Hello Hi, it’s Seong Hwa of ATEEZ It’s Jong Ho of ATEEZ What is your role in ATEEZ? ‘Handsomeness’ My role is to handle this shameless member Cool We’re going to answer about the curiosity from now on Curiosity, okay Are you ready? Maybe I’m going to answer anyway Take it easy I heard you climbed In TREASURE FILM Yes Q. Were you scared a lot when you climbed? Do you want to try? (Eyes quivering) How was it? Ah~ Was it hard? Well… I’m afraid a lot of steps and high places well When I did it, honestly I was in panic at first But Min Gi helped me a lot So it was ended well… But it was hard So you mean, it was hard honestly Conclusion=It was hard? Right? Huh? It that how it works? LOL It was hard and I was so scared Alright Let’s move on the next question Will you try climbing one more time? Or Will you try the haunted house? Q. Try climbing one more time vs try the haunted house One of those The, I will try climbing then Because The haunted house is just scary But if I reach at the high place through climbing, I can see the nice landscape So I feel proud This question if for Jong Ho Jong Ho did arm wrestling Right? So…? Left hand… You’re left handed, aren’t you? Yes! Q. Why did you do arm wrestling with your right hand even you’re left-handed?
But why did you do arm wrestling using your right hand? It’s actually very simple Why? It’s so simple I use my left hand when I study and eat something Ah… okay And I use my right hand when I work out Ah… I think I used to do it… Since I was young… I exercised using my right hand since I was little Then, do you like your left hand or right hand? I’m going to make both of them feel bad (What about?)
[What do you mean?] Do you usually use your left foot? Or right foot? I use both of them as well Oh~ That’s a strength We started to talk about foot, so… Ballet? Foot! Foot Foot~ Q. Do you think there are some muscles on feet? On feet… As I see… well… There is a Garak Market in Jangji-dong (Holding laugh) If you go to an oriental medicine clinic, you can’t have foods in the Garak Market But I heard they try to find the muscles between toes Oh! Really? (So pure) No! If you take it so seriously… Are you satisfied your curiosity? If you have any curiosity to ATEEZ, please leave comments on YouTube We will try to answer it through ANEWZ Subscription Click like Please do it (They’ve seen a lot from somewhere) We had two guests to make this clip How was it? I’ve seen how you work. You’re pretty good at doing it Ah~ Thank you (Proud) How was it? Not about me I think we answered very well with the sense of humor Right, right Garak Market was very good I think we can do it deeply on ANEWZ Oh, really? To make fun for viewers Something like Why does Seong Hwa take more than 40 minutes when he takes a shower? Alright! It was ANEWZ And I will come back in the next news It’s Yun Ho who is the anchor of ANEWZ It’s Seong Hwa And Jong Ho Thank you very much. Bye~ ♥