Ross will demonstrate eating a whole
donut in one go Hey guys. I’m Ross and I’m Bek! And today we’re in Athens, Greece and we’re about to take you into the city and show you
our favorite Greek sweets And coffees! oh yeah, some delicious coffee too! So, we’re going to jump on this train and take you with us now! Rich, creamy Greek yogurt with walnuts
and honey on top. We used to eat this back home in Australia but to be in
Greece eating it is just a dream and they keep it simple they just drizzle
some honey and we asked for some walnuts on ours. Oohhh it’s just oozing delicious It’s just so rich. So we’ve had this
for breakfast a fair few times here but you can also have this as a dessert oh
yeah look at that Mmm. That is so yummy! Alright, we are having Loukoumades (Lukomades) which is traditional Greek donut ball! and they are absolutely delicious! We have two different types today, we’ve got the traditional which is honey with cinnamon and it comes with nuts and ice cream as well we also have the gold medal, which is not a traditional option but here you can actually cater whatever your taste is for dessert. You can pick and choose which ever toppings you like this is one that they recommend as a
good combination and you have chocolate praline with pistachios and also an
ice cream that has cookies and praline as well traditional! Yummy!! Ross will demonstrate eating a whole
donut in one go! Our favourite part of the day! Coffee break! And we have an Ibrik coffee which is a traditional Greek
coffee that they well cook they they prepare in the stand and it’s a really
cool little process there it looks really awesome so I’m gonna pour that
and Bek got the Fredo which is an espresso with the frothy foamy part of
the milk and a serve cold on ice this is so popular all the locals walk around
with this is their coffee of choice so thanks gonna enjoy that one I’m going
to show you my Ibrik which I love I have an Ibrik every day in the
morning it’s delicious because it’s unfiltered coffee a bit different to the
normal coffee are used to it is similar to a Turkish coffee but it’s just
roasted differently and I love a little sand thing that’s going on here it’s
pretty cool that is really intense really strong if
you need a caffeine hit Ibrik is your coffee! Happy BOP! Okay we’ve got three traditional Greek
pastries we’ve just done a bit of a bakery raid, that’s the way to do it guys
that is the way to do it I can’t wait to get into the Baklava, that’s the
iconic Greek pastry and well apparently Kataifi, put some
comments down below, is a really popular dessert as well and then they said get
the long one with the custard so we’ve got all three and yeah let’s tuck in and
tell everyone what we’re tasting all right baklava there were a couple of
different varieties but we went with the butter one today. Oh it’s packed full of
nuts lots of nuts and that’s syrup on the outside the honey or whatever they
do on that outside I don’t even really want to know how they make it all I know
is it tastes good on the way in it’s so sweet we have had a few of these over
the month this place was our favorite it’s actually just in the middle of
Monastiraki square baklava 10 out of 10! Ross eats too fast
for me! I’m a bit too quick! I’m ready for the next one! Bek is going to have
something afterwards next up, Kataifi, all right Bek
get your fingers on the Kataifi! You can see little pistachios on there we
haven’t had this one but yeah it’s really really popular hmm I don’t really know how to describe
It’s not as rich as the back liver but it’s got these sort of thin noodles
or some sort of Greek thin noodles on the outside which are just really cool
and on the inside is kind of got them in there too this is really cool it’s still
quite sweet but yeah the two different kinds of nuts I’m not sure that is on
the inside. I’m inhaling these! Love sweets love sweets all right
the log the Greek custard log is what are we gonna call it and Bek is gonna
tuck in first and I’ll have whatever is left we’ll see we’ll see! Note sure this is finger food but we’re giving it a go! It’s like a really crispy pastry but still
has the sort of syrupy coating! oh I have a feeling this could be
delicious the custards not as oozy as I thought it
would be which is probably a good thing given its you know like quite syrupy on
the outside Greek sweets we love them right so now we have three different
traditional. I did a weird thing with my hands! I’m Bek (LOL) I’m Ross and I’m Bek! Fumbles… so I would have an Ibrik every day I
love it because….