Look what I got this week I’m gonna show you guys how to use Russian piping tips because I got these for Christmas And I really want to try them out. My name is Laurie, and you’re watching the icing artist the kit I got came with 10 different piping tips and a large coupler But I’m not gonna use all of them in this video because that would be a lot So I’m just gonna pick a few of them that I think will look really pretty if you guys have never heard of Russian piping tips The way that they work is when you pipe them it pipes like a complete flower They look really pretty but sadly the kit doesn’t come with a large lead tip But thankfully I have one cut a pretty big hole in my piping bag to put them in because these are like a massive tip These are really big And then I hushed it writes the ends that way now the icing current comes squeezing out around it for my flower colors I wanted to go really bright and pretty because I wanted that taste of spring I live in Canada, and it is hailing outside Right now which I’m not okay with so I really wanted those bright colors to brighten my day and to get my cupcakes ready I’m just gonna put a little bit of icing right on top of it You don’t need very much because there’s gonna be a lot of icing by the time we pipe on all of those flowers of course For my buttercream icing recipe I will leave a link right over here Just click, but I am you guys haven’t already subscribed man hit that subscribe button down below the tip I am most excited about is the rose once I figure I’d start off with that and this is my first time using any of These you’ll have to bear with me through the process spike the roses I just placed my piping tip right on my cupcake and squeeze out a little bit that way the flower would stick to the cupcake And then I slowly pulled away and quickly let off of the flower I know that sounds really hard, but that’s the technique that I found worked really well And of course the more you guys pull up on the flower the taller its gonna be You don’t to make them too tall because then they look kind of funny You want to make them tall enough so they don’t look stumpy serve also some playroom there And then added some little leaves all around just to finish it off, and I love this cupcake The next flower we’re gonna do is this like little purple flower? I have no idea what its name is but I do like all the dimensions detail it has same technique was just like piping the flower and pulling off the one thing I did notice was the Consistency of icing if your icing is too soft the flower is gonna kind of mush into itself And it’s not gonna look pretty, but if it’s too It’s gonna kind of pull away from the cupcake not stick to the cupcake Or kind of look like jagged edges on the top of the flower so you guys complain to consistency about icing if I just watering it down with a little bit of water and mix that in and Pipe away the next one supposed to be kind of like an orchid I don’t think it looks like an orchid, but it does look really cute now. I love this flower It looks really cute the only thing. I’m not sure about is that looks really stumpy. I found if you did, too Tall it doesn’t look right I found with it just being so short I just I want a little bit more height there now. We’re really gonna mix things up a bit I want to make some two-tone flowers So I’m just gonna put some dark pink icing Around the outside of the piping bag and some light pink icing down the middle and that way it’s gonna pipe out like a two-tone Color I’m just going to squeeze the icing out of my pipe and bake until I see both those colors coming through but I am Loving the two-tone look of these these look really pretty I think if you guys can incorporate this two different colors, and any of these tips Next up is like almost a tulip looking flower I thought for this one we would do yellow around the outside and then white down the middle I love the petals on this one the way they kind of like overlap over one another and I have all those little pieces in the Middle the details are really pretty. I’m sorry I feel like I’m like way over excited about all these flowers, but they look really pretty anything that can make our lives easier Right guys and for the next one I’m gonna do dark purple around the outside and light purple in the inside and for some reason it squeeze the tip really funny and With their pipes that kind of look like a chrysanthemum which is a really long word I had to look up at it spelling has 13 letters in it gigantic word but makes really really pretty flowers and of course you guys gonna have fun and mix them up and put like a Multiple different flowers all on one cupcake make like a little garden I loved how all these turn out, but I think the Rose is my favorite and then maybe my tulip I would love to know in the comment section which one is your guys favorite and of course if you haven’t already subscribed click that subscribe button that’s right over here and subscribe and Don’t forget to come back here again next week because we’ll be making something else in the cake bye guys