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clicking on the link below this video. So, really quickly, my son and I saw the VERY
first showing of Avengers Infinity War on premiere night at our movie theater and let
me tell you…you have just GOT to see it on the big screen. The action was jaw-dropping and pretty much
everyone from the Marvel Universe makes an appearance. You will be surprised on the regular, I promise
you! Now, Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill has been
featured in places like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and more. And Joe’s has served Marvel licensed ice
cream pops in the past, including ones having to do with the awesome Iron Man! And sure, kids LOVED them! Well, there was some banter in the Avengers
Infinity War movie that has us at Joe’s crossing our fingers that we’ll have some
MORE sweet frozen treats to serve this season having to do with Marvel and the Avengers. Here comes the potential spoiler scene, but
personally I don’t think it’s a big deal. There’s a scene in the movie where Tony
Stark (Iron Man) and Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange) are cracking jokes having to do with
a fictional flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that has an Iron Man theme to it. Doctor Strange jokes that he’s had the ice
cream and in the Sorcerer Supreme’s opinion, the flavor of the ice cream was a bit quote
chalky unquote. Now we here at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill
are ALWAYS fascinated by designer dessert news and we’re certainly hoping for TWO
things this ice cream season, in response to this scene from the movie. ONE, we want more licensed ice cream bars
from Marvel like we’ve gotten in the past…and I do see this one coming to our store any
time now. We’ve carried them for years and as soon
as our supplier can get them, WE get them. Then a bunch of lucky KIDS get them. But, TWO, we’d LOVE for Ben & Jerry’s
to put out an Iron Man ice cream flavor and…hey, why not, a Doctor Strange flavor would be
great, too! How about a Thanos-inspired ice cream—perhaps
raspberry flavored? The possibilities are endless, I think. What do YOU think, JDB Family? Now you know the Marvel Avengers Infinity
War spoiler—related to ice cream—that we here at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill are
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