We’re going to retrieve banker and China Riley looks I can in a shipwreck Apparently that’s been very busy playing with Thank You China. You can play with your duck I’m Elena Emily and this is at home live Agathon We’ve been sailing around the world for the last five years and have recently found ourselves a stowaway meet Lenny subscribe and welcome aboard Last time here on SOP We left Australia with Lenny and we flew 30-something hours back to our home in Charleston a little city in South Carolina on the east coast of the United States We are about to get back on board the bag boy. I don’t know why I’m nervous. Wow We unpacked our suitcases and settled back in restocked the boat and motor cozy again before checking out what Charleston had to offer Thank you your final time loser baby, oh shit We had a pretty big list of boat jobs to do before we could leave port on a new adventure So we spent the mornings down at Folly Beach soaking in the winter Sun a perfect way to start the day This in the single hand inside least got a bunch of salt water on it Cuz I left that open And now it just stays on We’re going our trees Hopefully retrieve the anchor that Riley lost anchor and China Riley lost ami. I can in a shipwreck currently a novel You shouldn’t be so mean to him. He’s only about the fifth person to drop it in that ship there shit happens fairly regularly That bad now You would go boys away My eyes are open here the Sun is a Today We’ll hit organize the Scuba-diver to dive on a few weeks prior and he said it would be a real struggle bussing at free as it was pretty wedged In there, we tried pulling it from all different angles We pulled it as hard as we could we pulled left we pulled right it wouldn’t budge rest in peace dougie you served as well What’s going on, right? Oh, I’m pretty sick of draggin. Okay, so you’ve bought yourself a better 45? TABC was just nine there I get dog Drew me loving to your To me Hey young lady that’s been very busy flying with anchor China you can fly with you doc What are you doing Walking off thing for that Filling station. It’s got whomped all when at length when there’s a big fish, which would generally go Yeah It’s really hard trying to film with one hand and holding Lennie who when I’m filming he just slowly slips down there Nice eh That is our two Oh, yeah that happened I did more Just came out of the traps So when it got worse today My lock nut fell off Hollenius spewed Yeah, Lenny Lenny Dykstra on your hump I Know I’m supposed to have a watch it Yes Did you like that one did you like that one? Our it’s not having a washer I’ll be with that. Not really. It’s missing all the washes Do for Nia I need to do a better job that Night, we had will and win over for some of rally’s world-famous pie float Yeah, I noticed that there was a lot of high places in Australia yeah, that’s like Roman pie is like a meal. It’s not like a dessert Listening to isn’t it just yeah So these guys have just looked after us so well when I arrives and then since the liner and I’ve got back they really are Legends. I don’t hand out that word very often if you’re interested in sailing lessons, I highly recommend these guys here I think that they’re the only bareboat charter between Florida and the Chesapeake. So anyway, they get the SLV Seal of Approval That’s better beautiful We had one of those cold fronts come down and we were freezing our absolute butts off We locked ourselves up indoors for a few days Exercise was essential to avoid cabin fever I’m sorry, mate, we gotta go further Mom’s working inside and I gotta take Lenny here so that some some work and get done on the boat this is our magic sling and I think that within 30 meters of me walking along and Making a bit of a racket If I don’t say his name because he knows we’re not when people are talking about him He goes quiet as a mouse magic sling It’s been really good walking along with Lenny each day gowns for Up and down the various streets of Charleston. It’s a stunningly beautiful city, so there’s lots of a reminds me a bit of Europe because of the way the houses other Cobblestone paths and I guess it’s a bit more Colonial and each time we do it it gives mum a couple of hours to get some editing done. So we can try and stay on top of things because We’re not and Lennie seems to really enjoy his time in the sling really goes to sleep. Pretty much straightaway and behaves himself Kicked me every now and then to let me know It’s time to go home also usually be able to listen to a podcast in the morning or an audio book. Everyone’s kicking a goal Just jumped in the car and we are heading to an oyster roast Lynn and will are taking us to one of their friends It is a traditional Charleston thing today. So an oyster row, so I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of oysters probably some beers and Babies mmm. Ah you excited Lenny. Are you excited? Lisa Rose, our social gathering that happened during Easter season in South Carolina. It’s probably the equivalent to an Australian sausage sizzle They’re steamed or grilled and then eaten around a table with a large hole in it to discard the shells You can put lemon juice on them or hot sauce. They were extremely nice Although not quite as nice, of course as the famous oysters of the Easter near Peninsula and in particular cow home of the black Stumpf everything Well, that was really cool rally and I full of oysters and we’re heading down south to the South Carolina to pick up some mail That rally got sent there It’s actually a backpack but rally thought he was going to sail to this marina when he was on his single-handed sail But the weather changed and ended up coming to Charleston So we have to drive and go and pick up the backpack Because we got a backpack we can stop using the tote bag for Lennie, which is going to be great Really you need enough you guys Lenny is like a ticking time bomb. He hates the CAHSEE Good see It in your eyes when you kiss me tangerine Before this Oh Yes, I’m gonna sleep well tonight, my friend Clearly I still very obsessed with Lenny like the no booty has not worn off and I don’t think it ever will like we are Just absolutely smitten with him as you can probably tell god. I love it when he’s just Satisfied happy no saw stomach full tummy Just chilling smiling cooing. Just having a great time Throw him around play with him. Yeah, it’s so good How good does that smell Hi It’s the best is that ever except I would put a bit of coconut cream In that and let the chocolate melt into the coconut cream. I think I’ve made this before on the show Yeah, I got the idea Thanks for watching Tune in for a bonus episode this Friday as we experienced our first King type Says a traffic jam like no one can do anything in town until the tide goes out place down And I finally get the approved with a girl more plants inside it’s only taken me a yellow convincing Anyway, we say goodbye to land soon and head out to sea exciting times ahead you Need someone someone you find someone