Welcome to Wedding Cakes For You. I’m
Scott Carvey filling in for Lorelie who has laryngitis and can’t speak a word. I
feel bad for her, but it’s been pretty darn peaceful around these parts. In this
cake video you will learn to make this adorable baby shower cake with textured
buttercream, gum paste and a sailboat topper. The gum paste parts are easy
enough for our 10 year old grandson Nolan to make. Lorelie will put links to
all the tools you’ll need to decorate this cake below. We’re going to run this
video with music only now Lorelie has refused to pay me
for my overdubs. But you can leave questions for her in the comments below. Warning! Warning! Cute grandkids dancing!!!
This is not a drill! This is not a drill! Awooga Awooga!!! Warning Warning!!! If you
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know oh that one I love that one I can’t baby knows that one that’s really good
holy crap that’s