Hey guys, it’s Wengie and merch hug! Today I Am Doing Some Back To School Hacks Using School Supplies They Are Super Useful And Also Special Announcement Time I Am So Excicted To Finally Announce My Merch like its been such a long time you guys have been requesting it I was just kinda waiting for a perfect design to come to my head So i have designed this particular piece myself which I absolutely LOVE the surprise is at the back AHHH And I have bunch of other designs as well on my website so don’t forget to check out my new merch line and i hope u guys LOVE it the link is down below and please guys show me pictures of you guys wearing it on #WengieMerch because i am so exicted to see you guys wear my design so yeah I have been waiting so long to tell you guys but you know without futher ado lets get on with the video lets go TWINKLE!!!!!!! Hmmm I am missing my green marker where did i leave it again OH NO i left the lid off it i hope it still works So u can revive a dryed out marker with some rubbing alchol just take the end of the marker and use a dropper to drop some rubbing alcohol Right on to the coloured spongy roll inside Let it sit for a bit and then it should be completely good again So what do you do if you need to staple some pages but you run out of staples or just can’t find your stapler I swear I have like a little leprechaun stealing all of my stuff Anyways all you need is some scissors or a exacto knife and you can quickly and easily bind your pages together Just make a small cut in the corner of your pages where the staples would normally go and cut all the way through each sheet then just fold the corner of the pages and push the corner in through the gap like this When it is through just press down tightly to secure it and that’s it you have bound your pages together without staples this is best for keeping scrap pages or temporary notes together So did you know you can use a crayon to create our own wax seal, first just remove the paper wrapping from your crayon then use a lighter or a match to melt the crayon into a liquid blob on the page Then stick your seal right onto the melted crayon and let it stand until the crayon is cooled down and that’s it I bought this seal online but you can try to DIY your own and personalize it which I think would be super cool and the best thing about crayon is you can create a wax seal in any colour you like or even combine it like me YASS my notes are going to be so pretty this year wait how do you spell dessert again ? Gotta hide the evidence. What the? Where did my eraser go? Are you serious, it was literally right there? Oh no, what am I gonna do? So apparently you can erase pencil with bread or hot glue sticks. I was pretty dubious about this one, especially the bread, so I put it to the test. Hmm, yep. Just like i thought, the bread hack was kinda horrible, and it completely ruined my page. MEGA FAIL! Stick to being food MR.BREAD. So now we are gonna try the hot glue stick. Let’s hope we have some better luck here. WOW! It actually works! Definitely could come in handy I guess if you have glue and not an eraser if that ever happens. So you know when you need to remember that important maths formula or rule, or even like your class timetable? Well you can try this cool hack using clear sticky tape. Just stick your tape on whatever you wanna transfer. Next, cut it out. Dunk your tape into a bowl of water and then slowly and carefully rub off the bits of paper, until only the ink remains on the tape. Once all the paper is gone, just dry the tape, and stick it onto the front page of your notebook or whatever you want for easy reference later. This just looks a lot neater than writing it yourself, and is also less likely to get messy or fade with time If u own a pet like my lovely MIA, you are no stranger to pet hair it literally gets anywhere and everywhere. So if you are out and don’t have a lint roller, you can just use some plain tape. I always lose my lint roller anyways,
so this hack is one that I use ALL the time, even at home. If your ballpoint pen has dried out and just doesn’t wanna write anymore, you might get pretty frustrated, but don’t be too quick in ditching your favorite pen, ’cause you should be able to save as long as there is still ink left. All you need is a hair dryer. Just heat the tip of the pen for a minute or two to loosen the dry ink. Next shake your pen so the ink travels down to the nib. And that’s it! Your pen should be good to go again. This could save your favorite pen from a early grave. When I used to study for tests for school, I was more of a highlighting person than a note writing person, so I’d go through a ton of highlighters, and I never knew this hack back in school, but apparently if you make a mistake with a highlighter you can erase it with a lemon. Honestly I didn’t believe this hack, but all you need to do is take a q-tip and wet it with lemon juice, and then just run it over your highlighter and it actually disappears. It looks like magic, right? Huh? That’s so cool! If you are mindblown like this as much as me, make sure you hit that like button and the notification bell for more awesome stuff in the future. So anyways, this hack actually works, but keep in mind it might not work on every type of highlighter or even every colour. So try it out for yourself, and let me know which ones work for you and which ones didn’t work. For me, I found the best results using the yellow sharpie highlighter. I actually hardlly ever carry around a compass during school, but did u know u can actually make a compass with paper clips its super simple just hook 2 paper clips together and then use one pencil to hold doen 1 and the other to draw a circle by changeing the number of paper clips u use u can make circles with differnt diameters u can even bend themm if the size is not right hmmm.. lunch time wonder what i have today ewwww what it all looks so healthy next time when u are packing ur lunch try using ur drink thermal to pack some hot food i put fresh vegeis in mine but u can put things like spagetti and soup a hot luch is perfect for a cold day CHECK OUT MY MERCH CHEACK OUT ON MY FIRST SINGLE CAKE LOVE U