Hey everyone! It’s Emerald, It’s Kat, and it’s Kiki and today we’re having a special lunch lunch because we are all going to new schools school tomorrow and I am going to new school on August 15 Hey everyone, Emerald here here and I’m gonna be kind of narrating this making process of the food this making process of the food so first we’re gonna start off with the seafood So right now Cowie (COWIE) frying up these delicious shrimps and those are what they look like after they’re done almost on frying so now she’s just been flipping them over with the tongs and they were really good and those are the those are the finished product and now this right here is the lobster so she is just kind of buttering them up and that is what they look like out of the oven nice and red so now this is the steak like I did the steak so you just got so this is the steak wrapped in bacon and I just flipped it that’s what it looks like it was really good one of those things I’ve ever had now this is broccoli I mean what else do you say about broccoli it’s just broccoli and time for if you hear any background noises it’s really windy currently and that was a cake I mean who doesn’t like cakes right now how he’s just whipping up the frosting now she’s just leveling her cake that she just made and now she’s dying the frosting well she has the dive ready to die the frosting now she’s actually dying the frosting and so keep in mind that she made three cakes and three different colored cakes we just didn’t put their lovely on screen now these are the her like the finished product you know icing or frosting whatever so now she’s to prepare it for the decorating she’s put enough Dover frosting over the cake there kind of like a nice white canvas to paint on as you saw in our first video she’s a really good painter see how she’s just doing that and doing the nice coat over it so unless she’s gonna decorate it so this is her decorating it she did some of the decorating off-screen obviously she just shouted borders and stuff now she’s just decorating the top and sorry if I sound a little off I just kind of have something in my throat no figure not literally just kind of hurts so yeah sorry about that right now she’s just adding nice some of those little details with the frosting I could never do that’s why I didn’t make the cake cuz I suck at B key and most cooking so next up we’re going to show the finished product of the cake which is right now it’s a really nice cake kind of rainbows named shedded sprinkles on right and so this is the all of the so there’s a lobster watermelon the steak the broccoli what you’re doing in navy and the baked potato shrimps and we had some mochi too much