♪>>MR. OWL: I must say, class, that this chalk drawing is a lovely surprise. Thank you all very much.>>Franklin did the drawing of you, Mr. Owl.>>And a fine likeness it is, Snail.>>Thanks for being such a great teacher.>>Yeah, we’re all kind of sad the school year’s over, right guys? (Bell ringing) Woohoo! School’s out! (Class cheering) Last one to the bus is a rotten egg.>>CLASS: Yahoo!>>Let’s go!>>Yay!>>One moment, please! Everyone have a wonderful summer.>>You too, Mr. Owl.>>See ya!>>Oh, oh, out of my way!>>Hey, wait for me.>>Bye, Mr. Owl.>>Goodbye, you two.>>Just think, Snail, a whole summer to do nothing. ♪ (Sighing) ♪ ♪ Hooray, blue skies ♪ ♪ Summer’s here again ♪ ♪ School was great ♪ ♪ We learned a lot together with our friends ♪ ♪ But now it’s time to just relax, sigh, and smile and breathe ♪ ♪ Sometimes doin’ nothing is such a busy thing ♪ (Laughing) ♪ Summer is for swimmin’ or helpin’ a garden grow ♪ ♪ Playin’ games and when it rains there’s puddles row on row ♪ (Laughing) ♪ ♪ A nice cold ice cream surely beats the heat ♪ ♪ Especially when you build sandcastles on the beach ♪ ♪ We’ll pretend that you’re the queen and I will be the king ♪ ♪ To think that doin’ nothing can be such a busy thing ♪ ♪>>I think they’re done, Harriet. Now you have to cool them off. (Sighing)>>I officially declare our annual End of Summer Barbecue a success.>>I can’t believe summer’s over.>>Yeah, I didn’t do nothing.>>Heh heh, that’s “I didn’t do anything.”>>Won’t you be glad to go back to school tomorrow?>>Mm hm.>>What are you doing tomorrow, Harriet?>>Play with Beatrice.>>But Bear told me she starts nursery school tomorrow.>>Beatrice go to school? Me too!>>Uh oh.>>Sorry Harriet, but you’re not old enough to start school yet.>>Beatrice can go because she’s a year older than you.>>That means you can go to school next year.>>Yeah, you’re lucky. You get to stay at home and play all day.>>Not lucky! Wanna go school!>>Sounds like bedtime for tired little turtles.>>Not tired! Not little either. (Crying)>>Poor Harriet.>>Sorry Mom, I thought she knew.>>She does, Franklin. But she might not understand yet.>>Want some help?>>I’ll clean up. Why don’t you help your father put Harriet to bed?>>Okay. (Crying)>>It’s okay, Harriet. (Crying) ♪ (Crying)>>FRANKLIN: Harriet? Are you feeling sad?>>Uh huh.>>Look what I found. Blue blankie used to help me. Maybe he can help you too. You can keep it if you’d like. I’m getting too old for it anyway.>>What do you say, Harriet?>>Thank you, Franklin.>>Goodnight, sweetie.>>Goodnight.>>That was a very nice thing you did for your sister, Franklin.>>I think she needs my blanket more than I do. Besides, I still have Sam.>>Ready for school tomorrow I see. What’s this? Did you do this funny drawing?>>Uh huh. It’s a pencil box puppet. I’ll show you. “Me– eat– pencils!” (Laughing) I’m gonna use it for show and tell next time we have it.>>Good idea. Well, off to bed now. You have a big day tomorrow.>>Okay, Dad.>>Goodnight, son.>>Goodnight. Goodnight, Sam. You too, Goldie. ♪ (Rooster crowing)>>SNAIL: I hope Mr. Owl reads us a story for our first day back. I like it when he does all the voices.>>I hope we have a spelling bee. That’s always fun.>>Yeah, especially when you’re the best speller in the class.>>Oh, thanks Fox.>>I know what I’m looking forward to. My dad packs the best lunches in the world. Mm mm.>>What about you, Franklin?>>I’m looking forward to our team beating Fox’s team in soccer again.>>Oh yeah? This year’ll be different. (Laughing)>>And, I’ll be glad to see Mr. Owl again.>>Uh huh.>>BEAVER: Me too. (Clock ticking)>>FRANKLIN: Hm. Ten after nine. I wonder where Mr. Owl is.>>Everybody knows he’s never late for class, especially on the first day.>>Then, where could he be? (Horn honking) (Gasping) (Motor revving)>>That sounds like a motor scooter. (Gasping)>>SNAIL: Who’s that?>>It sure isn’t Mr. Owl. ♪ (Door squeaking)>>G’day, class. Sorry I’m late. Just found out this morning and had to make it in from the next town over. My name is Miss Koala.>>What have you done with Mr. Owl?>>Oh, blow me down. You’re wondering what’s happened. Mr. Owl got called away last night on a family matter.>>But, when will he be back?>>Soon enough, I’m sure. Until then I’ll be your substitute teacher. (Birds tweeting) ♪>>Whatcha doin’?>>We’re tidying up the garden.>>Soon we’ll put it to bed for the winter.>>Is it sleepy.>>Heh heh. You could say that. It’s worked hard all summer and now it needs to rest.>>Why don’t you help us?>>Uh uh. Wanna play with Beatrice.>>Beatrice can’t come over, Harriet. She starts school today, remember?>>Then who’ll play with me?>>We can after our chores.>>No! What kid?>>Now then, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess all your names. You must be Beaver, Bear, Turtle. (Laughing)>>My name’s Franklin, not Turtle.>>Dinkum? I’m sorry, Franklin. Any other surprises? Then let’s get to it. According to Mr. Owl’s schedule you usually have science this morning. But this isn’t a usual morning is it?>>I’ll say.>>Since this is your first day back what say we do something a little different. Come on, class. Put on your thinking caps. What can we do instead?>>What about show and tell? I’ve got something to show and tell about.>>Excellent idea. Anyone else bring something? Tell ya what: let’s wait till tomorrow. That’ll give everyone a chance. (Sighing)>>Oh, oh, how about a spelling bee, Miss Koala?>>Good one, Beaver. But first, a quick review. Ah, this is a real beauty. And I bet that’s Mr. Owl.>>We drew it for him way back on the last day of school.>>So you won’t mind if I erase it then?>>You can’t!>>It’s Mr. Owl’s!>>But I need the blackboard. Mr. Owl would too if he were here.>>But he’s not here.>>I know, you can do a welcome back drawing for him when he returns.>>That sounds like a good solution.>>Yeah.>>I guess. (Sighing)>>Okay.>>Right then, let’s get to it.>>Bye, Mr. Owl. ♪>>Thank you, Harriet. I’m glad you decided to help.>>Hello, you two.>>We haven’t seen you all summer. How have you been?>>Busy as beavers. (Laughing) And you?>>Slow as turtles. (Laughing) We’re behind in our yard work. You must be Beaver’s brother, Kit.>>He’s a bit out of sorts. His sister went back to school today.>>Well, maybe you’d like to play with Harriet.>>Yeah! Tag, you’re it. (Laughing)>>Sorry Harriet, we’re on our way to see Dr. Bear.>>Check-e-up.>>Maybe some other time then.>>’Kay.>>That sounds like a fine idea. Give us a ring sometime. Come on, Kit. We’d best be off.>>Say hello to Dr. Bear for us.>>We will. Bye.>>Don’t. Um, D-O-N-T. Don’t?>>Sorry, Goose. Good try though. Beaver?>>Don’t. D-O-N– apostrophe T. Don’t.>>Well done, Beaver. I switched to this year’s speller and still couldn’t stump ya.>>That’s because I studied it at home this summer, Miss Koala.>>Well, congratulations to everyone on an excellent match.>>You’re a regular bunch of wiz kids. Let’s see, you usually have math now but maybe we should continue with our spelling. (Groaning)>>But I like math.>>You do?>>The way Mr. Owl teaches it.>>Franklin, eyes front please. Now, does anyone know what “don’t” is short for?>>Oh, oh! I do, Miss Koala.>>Beaver?>>It’s short for “do not”.>>MISS KOALA: That’s right. Good on ya.>>FRANKLIN (WHISPERING): Psst, Bear. “Good on ya, Beaver.” (Bear laughing)>>Oh.>>Would you mind sharing your joke with the rest of us, Bear?>>Uh.>>Bear didn’t do anything, Miss Koala. I made him laugh with this. “Sorry.” (Laughing)>>That’s very clever, Franklin. But, I warned you once now. Swap places with Skunk, please.>>But I always sit with Bear and Snail.>>Franklin. And I’ll take this for safe keeping.>>Does anyone know what a dinkum is?>>Miss Koala sure talks funny.>>That’s because she’s from Australia? Everybody knows koalas come from Australia.>>I didn’t.>>Well wherever she’s from, she gives way too much homework.>>Hm, I think she’s nice.>>What do you think, Franklin?>>It wasn’t fair that Miss Koala made me change seats.>>She gave you your old seat back after recess.>>Mr. Owl wouldn’t have made me move in the first place.>>That’s true.>>School sure is different with Miss Koala.>>FOX: I’ll say.>>I hope Mr. Owl comes back soon.>>This is quite a harvest. All that work this summer really paid off. Your mother told me about your new teacher, Franklin. What’s she like?>>Uh, she’s okay I guess. Only– Bear isn’t sure he likes her. He said Miss Koala isn’t as nice as Mr. Owl.>>He did?>>She made me sit across the room from him and he didn’t like it one bit.>>Why did she do that? You must have done something.>>Well, I was kind of fooling around and I sort of made Bear laugh out loud.>>Then she did have a good reason.>>Maybe. But she’s still not as nice as Mr. Owl. At least that’s what Bear thinks.>>Does Bear know anything about Miss Koala?>>Just that she’s from Australia. And she’s kind of weird.>>Maybe if Bear got to know Miss Koala, he might not think she’s so weird.>>We’ve got a book about Australia. Why don’t you lend it to him?>>It’s show and tell tomorrow. I could bring it in for that, I guess.>>What about your pencil box puppet? Miss Koala took that for safe keeping.>>It sounds like you and Bear had a bad day.>>That’s for sure.>>Well, this should do it for today. Let’s head in and– Harriet, put down the caterpillar.>>Good girl. You don’t want to spoil your supper: black fly casserole.>>And shoe fly pie for dessert.>>Oh boy, shoe fly pie! Race you back to the house.>>HARRIET: Shoe fly! Shoe fly! (Laughing)>>MISS KOALA: Now class, are there any questions before we start show and tell. Snail?>>Mr. Owl isn’t coming back today is he?>>No, Snail. I don’t think so. Bear?>>Will he be here tomorrow?>>Sorry, Bear. I don’t know when he’ll be back. Show and tell was your idea, Franklin. Would you like to go first?>>This book’s about Australia. It’s got pictures and everything.>>You’re from Australia, Miss Koala.>>That’s right, from down under.>>Down under? (Laughing)>>Let me show you. We’re up here. And Australia is way down here: down under.>>It sure is far away.>>Yes it is.>>Do you ever get homesick, Miss Koala?>>Yes, Franklin, all the time. I do miss my mates. Oh, take a gander at this. This bloke reminds me of my old swim coach, Mr. Platypus.>>He kind of looks like Beaver. (Laughing)>>But with a beak like me.>>Australia looks like a weird place.>>Heh, not weird Snail, just different.>>Tell us more, Miss Koala.>>Dinkum? Okay. What do you want to know?>>Well first, what does dinkum mean?>>Heh heh, it means “really?” And “fair dinkum” is “absolutely”.>>Oh, dinkum?>>Fair dinkum. (Laughing)>>Ah, I almost forgot. This is a boomerang. It was my favourite toy when I was your age; still is. Throw it and it comes right back to ya like magic.>>Don’t just tell us. Show us!>>Okay, but after we see what the rest of you brought in. Who wants to go next?>>I do.>>I will.>>One, two, three! (Laughing)>>So, Super Turtle Girl, what’ll we do today?>>Super Turtle Girl wanna play at Beatrice house.>>Beatrice won’t be home. She’s at school today. In school every day?>>No, not every day. She doesn’t have to go on weekends. You can play with her on Saturday.>>Saturday? But what I do till then?>>Why don’t I give Mrs. Beaver a call. We can meet at the playground.>>And play with Kit?>>If you like.>>Hm. (Laughing)>>I’ll take that as a yes.>>MISS KOALA: Now then, first you have to find which way the breeze is blowing. It’s important that you throw your boomerang into the wind. Stand back. ♪>>Neat! I like how it comes back to you.>>Yeah, you can’t ever lose it.>>Who wants to give it a whirl?>>I will! ♪>>SNAIL: It’s not coming back, Beaver.>>FOX: Yeah, it’s going way wide.>>I got it.>>Back! Back!>>You okay, Snail?>>Uh huh.>>Whoa, nice catch!>>A real beauty. You’re quite a wiz kid, Franklin. (Laughing)>>Wow, throwing a boomerang’s ever fun.>>Always cheers me up. Guess it reminds me of home.>>What else do you like to do, Miss Koala?>>Hm, let’s see. I like to sing, read mysteries, ride my scooter, oh, and play soccer.>>You play soccer?>>We love soccer.>>Well, gym is supposed to be tomorrow but let’s say we do something a little different.>>Bear!>>Oops. Sorry, Miss Koala. That’s okay, Bear. Good on ya. Just remember, kick the ball with the inside of your foot, not your toe. You’ll have more control that way. Okay, let’s get back to class.>>Wow, did you see that pass?>>Mr. Owl sure can’t kick a ball like Miss Koala.>>Yeah, but Mr. Owl’s good at other things, Beaver.>>I know that. I just meant–>>Franklin, could you collect those jerseys for me, please?>>Okay.>>We’ll see you back inside, Franklin. (Sighing)>>That catch you made earlier was a real beauty; picked me boomerang right out of the air. Ever wanted to be a goalie, Franklin?>>You mean for soccer? I never really thought about it. Goose and Skunk are usually in goal. I always play out. Besides, I’m not sure how good I’d be.>>Well, you’ll never know if you don’t try. (Teeter-totter squeaking)>>Mom, when Kit get here?>>I’m sure they’ll be along soon. It’s not the same playing with your mom, is it?>>Good morning! Sorry we’re late.>>Kit! Kit, come on, let’s slide. ♪ Come on!>>Is that ladder too high for you, Kit? Would you like a lift?>>Yes, please.>>Then up you go. (Laughing)>>Hey!>>Come on, you can do it.>>Go, Kit!>>It’s okay, Harriet. Let him take his time. (Sighing)>>You’re still in my way!>>Heh heh heh, want some help?>>Beep beep!>>Harriet! (Crying) Are you all right?>>No, got a boo-boo.>>Oh, that’s quite a scrape. Is Kit okay?>>I think he’s just startled.>>We’re very sorry, Mrs. Beaver.>>I said, “Beep beep”!>>These things happen.>>Wanna go home, mama.>>We need to get home too and look after that scrape. I’ll call you later, Mrs. Beaver.>>Talk to you then. Bye. ♪>>Good on ya, Franklin. (Bell ringing) One moment please, class. I was very impressed with everyone’s soccer skills today. You were all such wiz kids out there. And that got me thinking.>>Uh oh.>>I have a mate in Bayside who coaches his school’s soccer team. Why don’t we form our own school team–>>And then we can play against them!>>Yeah!>>BEAR: All right!>>Well, why can’t we just play against each other?>>We always do that, Franklin.>>Yeah, this’ll be different.>>If we’re gonna be a team we need a name.>>Like the Woodland Something-or-Others. (Laughing)>>That’s a funny name.>>I know, you’re always calling us wiz kids, Miss Koala. How about that for a name?>>The Woodland Wiz Kids. That’s got a nice ring to it.>>And you can be our coach, Miss Koala.>>I’d be honoured, Snail. I’ll talk to my mate then. Goodnight class.>>The Woodland Wiz Kids.>>Cool.>>GOOSE: I like that name.>>Franklin, I meant to give this back to you yesterday. “Sorry.”>>Heh, thanks. I’m sorry too. About yesterday I mean.>>Apology accepted.>>MR. TURTLE: Mm, Brussels sprouts. (Sniffing)>>Ew!>>Eat up now, Harriet.>>How did things go with Miss Koala today, Franklin?>>She showed us how to throw a boomerang for show and tell, and then she played soccer with us.>>So Bear likes her now?>>Hmm, I guess. Except now she wants to form a soccer team and play against kids from other schools.>>That sounds like fun.>>But what if the other team’s better than us? What if we lose?>>Both those things could happen.>>She even asked me about being a goalie. I always play out. Miss Koala’s nice, but why does she have to do things so different? She wants to change everything.>>Change can be good, Franklin.>>Without it, things would be pretty boring.>>Miss Koala sure isn’t boring. I still miss Mr. Owl though.>>I bet he misses you too. ♪>>Harriet, did you finish your Brussels sprouts already? Where are they?>>Yuck.>>Uh huh! Yuck!>>Heh heh, one time I hid my Brussels sprouts in blue blankie too, Harriet.>>Looks like a love of Brussels sprouts runs in the family. (Laughing) (Whistle blowing)>>Welcome to the very first practice of the Woodland Wiz Kids. Let’s start with a quick warm-up, gang. Shall we?>>Oh, oh, Coach Koala!>>Yes, Goose?>>I’d like to play out this game; as a forward, I mean.>>You would?>>But you always play in net.>>I’ve stopped lots of goals but I’ve never actually scored one. I’d like to try something different for a change.>>I think that’s an excellent idea, Goose. Good on ya.>>Thanks, Coach!>>So then, who’d like to take her place? Come on, it’s just for this practice.>>I will.>>Are you sure, Franklin?>>No, but I’ll give it a try.>>I’ll go in the other goal, okay? Then Skunk can play out too if she wants.>>Thanks.>>Perfect. Take your positions, goalies. And I’ll pick the teams.>>Franklin! Good luck!>>You too, Bear!>>MRS. BEAVER: It’s so nice of you to drop by.>>Harriet insisted on it. Is it really an ankle sprain?>>Dr. Bear said it’s only a slight one.>>Sorry I hurt you, Kit. I got hurt too. See?>>Mama, can we go out and play?>>Sorry Kit, Dr. Bear said not for a few days. You have to rest your ankle. (Sniffling)>>But, I want to go out.>>You sad, Kit?>>Yes.>>Maybe blue blankie can help. All you gotta do is hug it.>>Oh, that’s very sweet of you, Harriet.>>Kit can keep it till he’s better.>>Well you be sure to come back and get it if you need it.>>It looks like blue blankie’s working already. (Sighing) ♪>>Fox! (Whistle blowing)>>That’s it. Good work, you lot.>>Great game, Franklin.>>But I let in 3 goals.>>Heh heh, that’s 3 less than me.>>And look how many you stopped.>>It was pretty fun. Goose played great too.>>Did you see me? I almost scored twice!>>It’s fun playing out. I wanna stay a forward.>>Why don’t you play goal for the Wiz Kids, Franklin?>>Yeah.>>Good idea.>>Well, it’ll be different.>>That’s the spirit. Right, team. We’ve got a week till our big game. Let’s get to work. ♪>>Whoa! ♪>>Yes! ♪ (Horn beeping) (Laughing)>>Yeah! ♪ (Birds tweeting)>>Now I know you’re all excited about our first game this afternoon, but I have even more exciting news. Guess who’s back tomorrow? Mr. Owl! That’s good, isn’t it?>>Does that mean you won’t be our teacher anymore?>>I’m a replacement teacher, remember? I’m going to another school that needs me. Tell you what, why don’t you spend part of the morning making a welcome back drawing for Mr. Owl?>>Thanks Miss Koala.>>MRS. BEAVER: Hello? Anyone home?>>KIT: Hello?>>Oh! You all better, Kit?>>Uh huh.>>Me too! Look!>>Thank you, Harriet.>>Wanna play now?>>Okay, but what?>>Tag, you’re it! (Laughing)>>Oh! (Laughing) (Sighing)>>At first I couldn’t wait for Mr. Owl to come back; now I’m sad to see Miss Koala leave.>>Me too.>>I’ll say.>>We just have to win this game as a going away present for Coach.>>That might not be so easy, guys.>>SNAIL: Those Bayside Bandits look really good.>>Hello team! I see you found your new jerseys.>>Thanks coach. (Whistle blowing)>>Game’s starting. Get out there and have some fun, Wiz Kids.>>Ya!>>Yay, Wiz Kids!>>Let’s go. (Whistle blowing)>>And the first game begins between the Woodland Wiz Kids and the Bayside Bandits. ♪>>Hey, excuse me!>>BADGER: Oh, there goes Rabbit.>>SNAIL: He passes to Bear! Open net, but he hits the post.>>Arg!>>Get up, Bear!>>Franklin makes the save. (Cheering) The ball bounces to Beaver under some pressure now. She passes to–>>Goose!>>Oh, the Bandits steal that one and it’s one to nothing.>>That’s okay, Beaver. Just don’t– do– it– again.>>Of course I won’t do it– Oh, oh, thanks Coach! ♪ Franklin, over here!>>Careful, Beaver!>>Goose! Ha ha, see ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!>>Beauty. ♪>>And the Wiz Kids score!>>That ties the game at one!>>Ripper! ♪>>Whoa!>>Oh, Bayside goes ahead two to one. ♪>>Yippee!>>Uh, guys?>>Ha, uh! Sorry Bear. That’s okay, just take it nice and slow next time. (Whistle blowing)>>Yay!>>Oops, hand ball.>>Goose, that’s a penalty kick.>>Sorry. (Sighing)>>Time out. Team huddle.>>Don’t worry if you can’t stop it, Franklin. There’s always a goal on a penalty kick.>>A keeper can make the stop, Beaver, if they keep their wits about them. Watch his eyes, Franklin. They’ll tell you where he’s gonna shoot.>>Okay.>>And whatever happens, you played a great game. (Whistle blowing) ♪ (Whistle blowing)>>Franklin makes the save! (Cheering)>>Nice save.>>Thanks.>>Good one, Franklin.>>I knew you could do it.>>We’re only down by one, right guys?>>TEAM: Right!>>The Wiz Kids trail by one with minutes remaining in the game. Skunk with the ball– Passes to Bear. But he hits the post!>>Shoot, Goose!>>Oh!>>Come on, Goose. You can do it!>>Oh!>>Goose?>>Um–>>Shoot, shoot, shoot!>>SNAIL: And the Wiz Kids score!>>I scored a goal! I scored a goal! (Whistle blowing)>>That’s all she wrote, folks.>>BADGER: And the game ends in a 3-3 tie.>>Oh dear, why the long faces, you lot? That was a brilliant game.>>Yeah, but we wanted to win.>>As your going away present.>>Guess we aren’t such Wiz Kids after all. Sorry, Coach.>>No need to apologize. You played a game to be proud of. Good on ya.>>That’s right. I stopped a penalty kick, Goose got her first goal, and we have our own school team thanks to you, Coach.>>Too bad you have to leave, huh?>>Yeah, we’re sure gonna miss you.>>I’m gonna miss you too. You’ll always be Wiz Kids in my book. But I’m not gone for good. I’ll come back to visit when I can.>>Excuse me but who’s going to be our coach now?>>I have an idea about that.>>SNAIL: That’s you, Mr. Owl, back at Woodland School. And we’re all waving goodbye to Miss Koala.>>What a wonderful welcome back and going away present, class.>>Miss Koala liked it too.>>I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet her. And that I missed your first game.>>Speaking of which–>>Miss Koala asked us to give you this.>>A book about soccer?>>She thought you could be our new coach, Mr. Owl.>>Me? A soccer coach? Well, I don’t know, class. I’ve never done anything like that before.>>But you won’t know unless you try, Mr. Owl.>>Ha, good point, good point. All right, I’ll be your new coach.>>Yay, Coach!>>Yay, Mr. Owl!>>Good on ya, Mr. Owl.>>Well, it looks like I’ll be going back to school too. Speaking of which, we’d best get to work. Does anyone mind if I–>>I’ll do it for you, Mr. Owl.>>Why, thank you, Franklin.>>Goodbye, Miss Koala. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Hooray, blue skies ♪ ♪ Summer’s here again ♪ ♪ School was great ♪ ♪ We learned a lot together with our friends ♪ ♪ But now it’s time to just relax, sigh, and smile and breathe ♪ ♪ Sometimes doin’ nothing is such a busy thing ♪ ♪ ♪ Summer is for swimmin’ or helpin’ a garden grow ♪ ♪ Playin’ games and when it rains there’s puddles row on row ♪ ♪ ♪ A nice cold ice cream surely beats the heat ♪ ♪ Especially when you build sandcastles on the beach ♪ ♪ We’ll pretend that you’re the queen and I will be the king ♪ ♪ To think that doin’ nothing can be such a busy thing ♪ ♪