(upbeat instrumental music) – [Skyy] Emma darling tell
them what we’re making today. – [Emma] Today we are making
bacon chocolate shot glasses. – Exact-a-ment-ay and I
know some of you are there, probably some chick named Sharon or Jill or some dude named Dave, who are going to type, “Oh my God, bacon is so disgustin'” Ain’t nobody ask you watch this. You chose to hit play of your own accord. So ride with us and you’ll be surprised. Okay, we saw this online and we were like, “You know what? This is interesting.” We got some maple syrup here. Maple syrup vodka. Let’s see if we can get this to work. Alright, let’s try this! – Okay so to make the shot glasses, first we’re gonna make the base. So we’re gonna cut two
bits about this size. – [Skyy] Uh huh. – [Emma] And drape it over. Another one. And put it like this. – [Skyy] Mmm hmm. – Okay. Now we’re gonna get a long piece of bacon and starting from the bottom, we’re just going to wrap it around the shot glass. Tucking everything in as you can. – [Skyy] Get it nice and tight. – Like this. And then we get tooth picks. So now we’re just gonna
try and secure it slightly. Poke that pork. (laughs) Okay and then when you’ve
got it covered like this, just place it on a paper towel on a plate. So now we’re gonna put
these in the microwave. We’re gonna do it on 30 second intervals. There’s no particular time for this, you just have to watch
it until it’s crispy. – Three, two, one. – Bacon!
– [Emma] Beep! – [Skyy] Oh and they shrink. – [Emma] Yeah, that’s
the whole point of it. – It smell delicious. Seriously, it smell like breakfast. Okay, I know a lot of ya’ll
out there are vegans and stuff. (whining) Shut the hell up, ain’t nobody ask you to watch this. – Right, so now what we need to do is, using the toothpicks is
gently lift them off. – [Skyy] Mmm hmm. – So they’re not stuck. And then, what we’re going to do now, is gently take out the cocktail sticks. Once you’ve got the cocktail sticks out, put it back on the shot glass and we’re gonna leave those to dry or to set. So they’re gonna need
about 30 minutes or so. This is the weirdest
episode I’ve ever filmed. – It’s the weirdest
episode anybody ever filmed ’cause everybody lookin’ at this, even dudes who like bacon, lookin’ at this going, “Ew, that is disgusting.” Shut up man! I’m tired of you, okay? – So we’ve left these and now they’re set and they’re kind of
they’re shot glass shaped but there’s still tiny little
holes from the toothpicks and also just from the bacon. So we’re gonna seal
them up using chocolate. – Exactly, so we got our
little Candy Melts here. – So we’re gonna melt these now. Now we’re gonna coat
the bacon in chocolate. Make sure you got a nice even coat but not too thick. Just make sure all the holes are sealed. What are you doing? I don’t want it on my nose. – [Skyy] Just keep still. – That’s hot! – You can take it. (laughs) Okay. – Let me try yours. – No, you got a big glob dude. Do it small. Besides, it’s the same skin tone. Ow but it’s so hot! – A nice little bacon shot glass. – We got here our maple syrup vodka. This is a full breakfast. Bacon shot glasses,
chocolate, maple syrup vodka. Okay. Nice. – Oh God. – Man up girl. Okay, you ready? I’m ready for this. – There you have it! Bacon chocolate shot glasses! Alright? – [Emma] Oh God, okay, wish me luck. – Wish you luck. See you on the other side. A chug? But it doesn’t end there.
– [Emma] That’s good. That’s good. I have to eat this now. – Yeah. Guess what? This can’t taste bad though. See, do the math in your mind. This is bacon. – It’s good. – Of course it’s good, it’s bacon. Anyway guys, alright? You done? – No. – You’re spit the damn
thing everywhere woman. I don’t want bacon all
over my floor, okay? Sometimes I go in here barefoot, okay? And have bacon in my bed. Anyway, stay tipsy! Alright. This was a hell of an
exotic episode, okay? – Yeah thanks for the privilege. – Yeah, you’re welcome girl. Thank you for doing this, okay, ’cause I asked the other girls and they all said no. Alright, later! (upbeat instrumental music)