– Very nice. Oh, he wants to give you a kiss. He’s a kisser.
(laughing) Very nice. (cheerful music) (crowd bustling)
(water splashing) – Good morning, everyone. Today is Bailey’s birthday
celebration at Universal Studios. Are you excited? It’s gonna be fun, we’re
gonna have a lot of fun. (upbeat music) – So Bailey wanted to go to
Universal Studios Hollywood, for her birthday celebration
with her best friend. That’s what we’re doing today. Let’s go have some fun. (whimsical music) – We are in the candy
shop from Harry Potter, called Honeydukes. And everything here is
absolutely so exciting and delicious looking. I kind of want everything. – I want the chocolate cauldron. – Is that the thing? Do you want one, Bailey? You want one for your birthday? (laughing) – That’s how big it is? – What is that? – [Jessica] It’s called
a chocolate cauldron. Do you guys wanna share it with Bailey? – [Jacob] Yeah. (whimsical music) – Have you noticed that The
Wizarding World of Harry Potter is all done up for the holiday season? – Yes, it’s Christmasey. It’s very, very hot here in California. – Yes, there’s snow, it feels like it should be cold but it’s not cold. (gentle music) What are you guys doing? – A spell. – [Chris] You’re gonna do a spell? – Let’s go do this one. – [Chris] Bailey, you might
not wanna stand right there. – [Bailey] What? Oh. – [Chris] I’ve never noticed
all the owls up there. (gentle music) Oh, casting spells. (music box chimes) – [Bailey] Oh, that’s cute. (gentle music) – Alright, we just got off the ride. Bailey, I don’t know if
this school’s very safe. I don’t know about you
going to the Hogwarts. What do you think? – I’m still going. – You’re still going? She’s still going. I don’t know if you saw in the last vlog, Bailey got an acceptance
letter into Hogwarts. So she’s looking forward to going here. Did you find an owl? (gentle music) (screaming) – This thing is crazy! (screaming)
Who’s driving us? – We’re about to watch Animal Actors. (playful music) – Come on and help us out. We’re gonna meet your
co-star, she’s ready. Okay, is that Hufflepuff? – Yeah. – Fantastic, We’re also Hufflepuffs here. What’s your name? – Bailey. – Bailey, wonderful name. Okay Coop, come say hi to your co-star. Very nice. Oh, he wants to give you a kiss. He’s a kisser. (laughs)
(audience awws) Very nice, okay let’s
set you up handsome boy. The first step, I want him
to look at our actress. So I’m gonna take one
of his favorite treats, I’m gonna place it down in front of her, this way he knows where
to focus his attention. Then I can move behind
him representing the off-camera, very good.
(audience gasping, yelling) Come here. Sit, stay. That’s why we call this the worka-what? (audience laughing) Bailey, these are for the dog. (audience laughing) Gross. Okay, take two, stay. Very nice handsome boy. Sit down. Sit, sit. Bless you. Stay. Ready? Watch. Good. Speak. (barking) – Very good, sit. (audience laughing) – Coop, watch it. Get on your mark. Stay, sit. Lie down. Speak.
(barking) Good. On your feet. Get on your mark. Stay, sit up. (audience awing) Alright you can have it. That’s Cooper and the workaway. Excellent job handsome boy. Go hit the showers. You were fantastic. Actually, Bailey, come
on over here with me, I have some cool stuff for you. You are officially a trainer for the day. You’re welcome. Big round of applause for our actress. (audience clapping) – [Chris] You got to be
an animal trainer today. How was that? – Awesome. – [Chris] It was awesome? – [Jessica] You’ve
always wanted to do that. I’m so glad you got to do
it on your birthday trip. – It was amazing. – We’re going on the
studios tour, right now. (dramatic music) – Did Jaws get ya? (dramatic music) Are we sitting in the Soak Zone? (audience cheering)
– [Performer] Now sit down. I’ve actually never seen the
show from this angle before. Have you? – No. – No.
This’ll be fun – [Performer] Be careful,
it’s slippery. – It’ll be like a whole different show. (laughing) (dramatic music) (canon fires) (audience gasping, screaming) (explosion) – [Performer] Shoot the sky! (explosion) (fireworks popping) Where you goin’ Andrew? Whole world is not your motto. – Hey hey hey hey! Oh! (plane engine roars)
– [Boy] Plane! (explosion) (audience clapping) – [Performer] You win – [Boy] Or not. (airplane engine roaring) (fireworks popping) (audience clapping) – We didn’t get wet at all, right? No, but that fire was very hot. What did you think of the show? – Good. – [Chris] What did you think of the show? – It was amazing. – [Chris] Did you like the show? – Yeah. – [Chris] Yeah? (whimsical music) – It’s the monster book of monsters. That’s gross. (growling) (whimsical music) – I love Hogsmeade at nighttime. – It’s so romantic. – It is romantic. I like having little kids
in robes running around too. I think that’s a lot of fun. – I just like the sparkliness – It’s very sparkly. – We’ve got a little kid cartwheeling. – I think he opted out of the robe so that he could cartwheel. I think that was his plan all along. – I think it might have been too hot for him last time too or something. He likes to take it off right away. I was surprised he wasn’t wearing it. (upbeat music) – Alright we are all done at the park and now we’re gonna find a place to eat here at the Universal CityWalk. Which is just outside the park. It’s fun, it’s a fun place to be. (light piano music) We decided to eat dinner at a place where we could eat off a
surfboard ’cause, why not? Let’s eat off a surfboard. (bouncy music) – [Chris] Whoa! – I got a unicorn. – [Chris] That is awesome. (upbeat music) (squeaking) Are you excited? – Yes. (upbeat music) – [Chris] Oh he missed it. Aw he missed it – Whoa! I see mine. (excited squeaking) – Is that ours? – [Chris] Yeah. What is it? So there’s a drink in there. It’s like a boba tea
covered in cotton candy. – It’s lemonade. We’re just gonna sip
at the exact same time. – [Chris] Bailey, how
is, what I’m gonna call, the messiest dessert of all time? – Amazing. – [Chris] Is that a good birthday treat? You recommend? You’re sugary and you’re messy and I think that’s a great time to
eat a chocolate cauldron. (upbeat music) – Oh man! (laughing) – [Chris] That’s not your piece. Oh no! Cauldron disaster. Bailey, how was your day today? – It was awesome. I loved it so much. Thank you for taking me there. – [Chris] Absolutely. – [Jessica] Did you have a favorite ride or thing that we did, sweetie? – I liked the Animal Actors. – Me too. – I can not believe you got to be the one that was the assistant,
the trainer for the day. – I couldn’t believe that
either, that was so cool. – It was amazing. – I’ve always hoped that
Bailey would get called up for that, or even one of the
kids ’cause they never have. And I just thought it was so cool that for her birthday trip she got called up. Really neat. (laughing)