What is dominant manages to fly under
the radar as being apolitical, and I think that is the, kind of, scariest and
most dangerous thing – Oh yeah it is, right Taiga? My name is Jennifer Crawford.
I really love snacks, and making them. I grew up in a village in Nova Scotia. For me, trying to figure out what I could make – for a kid, that’s just
intoxicating, especially when there’s sugar involved. Last year I went through
an era of doing a lot of cake making. I followed baking Instagrams
and was always seeing all these gender-reveal cakes. To me it didn’t feel super great. Usually when you see gender-reveal cakes, it’s –
“It’s a boy,” “It’s a girl.” The boy and girl part feels sort of irrelevant
to me. There’s this word ‘it.’ Implicit in that is an understanding that, at some
point, we’re kind of pre – like, pre. Before everything gets lumped on you as
‘This is what you are,’ there’s a you that is pre-existing, and you get to
decide what your gender is going to be. So with mine, I wanted it to be like
“I’m a they,” so it’s like I get to identify how I want now. When I posted this cake
to a baking subreddit, it got met with so many comments of like “No politics!”
Meanwhile, there had been many, many gender-reveal cakes
posted. I kind of think that the things that maybe seem apolitical are often
the things that are kind of most political. And by making an
alternative to that, I kind of just wanted to point that out: like a gender
reveal cake is no more political, I don’t think, than a gender reveal cake. Anytime
you get to make a small contribution to something that you
love and care about, that’s a good day.