cupcake Smackdown started in 2009 with a
really modest group of only six members in the GSA at the time it has since
grown thankfully but back then we were trying to raise money for suicide
prevention at the time it was sadly it’s still common for members of the LGBT
community to really struggle with depression and we thought it would be a
great charity to start with that year and then every following year new
charities were selected my name is Sawyer Johnson and I work with G safe
and G safe is a statewide organization that serves LGBTQ young people all
across the state we also do a lot of professional development and training
for adults such as teachers and administrators teaching them how to make
gender inclusive LGBTQ inclusive school districts so this is the second year
that we’re fortunate enough to be receiving these funds coming from smackdown so we offer a lot of support to the
Memorial High School GSA or gender and sexuality Alliance or a Straight
Alliance you might hear I really wanted to get involved in this space as a way
for me to learn and to grow amongst people that are like me and that I trust so the day of Smackdown students
bringing cupcakes we have all submissions in the Literacy Center so
like starting at 7:30 kids are bringing cupcakes usually have them write down on
a card the ingredients and then we keep track of submissions and we also
pull one cupcake for judging so we asked the students to pick like their best
cupcake if they you know had something that didn’t look as good as others so we
have them pull that and then put those aside if those are the ones that the
judges are gonna eat the first submission after having like advertising
school yielded maybe 20 cupcakes not a lot of submissions the following year
was maybe closer to 60 the year after that little over a hundred and it kept
doubling and hopefully continues to double I remember maybe three four years
afterwards it looked like the New York Stock Exchange there were lines that
coiled down the hallways and out the door we try to keep some order with like
having people go through the line and pick which cupcakes they want this year
we have four teacher judges and they eat a huge amount of cupcakes in the span of
lunchtime so they’re pretty feeling pretty disgusting by the end, so they pick the winner after they judge kind of based on like taste
and texture and appearance and originality creativity they come up with
the first second third place winners purpose of smackdown is kind of twofold
number one we raise money for nonprofit organizations we made over $500 for G
safe so when people are really kind enough to give to G Safe those funds go in
a lot of different ways they enable us to run programming like the Advanced
Learner’s course foundations of leadership they allow us to access
school districts all over the state where we help them develop gender
inclusive school policy and help us do professional development with them they
also support us in doing our work having a couple yearly conferences and a Summer
Institute for young activists people who purchase the cupcakes may
not quite know at that point but they could have the younger sibling who’s gay
or trans or they could have a friend who’s still in the closet no matter what
this money that we raise is going to be helping them in some capacity second
kind of reason we as a club just want to sort of do
something that’s really fun for the school we like to share sort of like
just that our club is a fun Club and we like to do fun stuff so I think like
contributing to the culture of JMM in that way is also one of the big reasons
why we like to do it every year we’re super grateful that’s such a fun event
it goes to benefit G safe and next year I’ll end up eating a cupcake hopefully On behalf of GSA, they thank everyone who participated weather you baked or you ate