– Growing up in a family where finances were always the
core of the problems, I saw that, and I also saw my parents working so hard and not enjoying what they do. (upbeat music) Both of my parents didn’t go to college, and I thought, mm, maybe college. I didn’t know what that was, but I knew that maybe
that would be the way. I am the owner and founder
of College Confectionista. And that is my cheesecake business that I started when I
was senior in high school in order to help me bake
my way through college. I put myself through three years at Santa Rosa Junior College, and I’ll be transferring into UC Berkeley, and I have enough saved up
for two years at UC Berkeley. So fast forward to senior
year in high school, and I’m feeling so overwhelmed
with all of the applications and the payments for sending
off AP scores and everything. And I thought, this is too much, I just need to do a little pause, a break, so I decided, you know, I’m
gonna make a cheesecake. My mom gave one to her coworker and they absolutely loved it. And she gave me $40 for the cheesecake. And in that moment, a light bulb went off, and I thought, this is it, this is how I gonna do it, this is how I’m gonna
fund my higher education. In my cheesecakes I always
do four flavors each month, depending on what kind of
local produce is in season or what kind of holidays are coming up. Farm fresh eggs, local cream cheese local produce, and just
make it as fresh as possible with the best ingredients as possible. That’s how to make the best cheesecake. (lighthearted music) I applied as a senior in
high school to UC Berkeley and got rejected. Then I did two years at
Santa Rosa Junior College and was ready to transfer. Excited, submitted, rejected. And that was absolutely crushing. That could be titled as a failure. I didn’t see it that way, but it was a let down, and how do I come back from that, and grow and do it better so that I get in next time? Then I applied again, and
got in the third time. (chuckles) What I’d like to do is
create my own major, so I’m planning to take some
courses through Rhetoric and through Haas, and create a business
communications major. I’d like to turn College Confectionista into this non profit organization that gives back to women like me who come from low income families, who come from minority families, who are the first in their
family to go to college, who have that drive, that passion to seek a higher education, but don’t have the financial means. And that’s where I would come in and support them with scholarships, and also provide mentorship and changing their mindset
about what they can achieve and inspiring them to go big. I have a story that can
inspire other people to rise up and be better. So if I just be me, then it’ll all work out.