– Hello everyone. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. I want to Summer in the
City at the weekend. Kind of like a VidCon in the UK. It was so good to meet so many of you, so if I did see you there,
thank you so so much. It means so much to me when I can actually meet you guys in person, I know that’s really hard wherever you are in the world, but I just want to say thank you wherever you are for all the support. It means so much. Today, we are making
a amazing banana tart. It’s like caramelised. You’re going to have
butter with the bananas, it’s going to be infused with cinnamon, or you can use maybe some cardamom, a bit of spice on there, and we’re going to make
a toffee cream as well. And it’s ridiculously simple. We’re using some pretty easy
and accessible ingredients that you can get, so it’s
just done in a flash. So you can do the hard job, in fact the hardest job is eating it. So should we crack one and make it? If you’re not on
myvirginkitchen.com already, head there for the full method, where I put the ingredients bits and bobs, but I think you’re gonna love it. First things first, we have got ourselves a loose bottom tin. It’s called a loose bottom tin because it’s got a loose bottom. Haven’t we all? Anyhow, a little bit of butter here. Well, that’s a whole slab
of butter that I bought, but I’m just going to grease it like this. We’re just going to lubricate it, or you could put some baking parchment down as well if you
want, you could do both you could put some
silicone, sometimes you get the circular ones, but
all we’re going to do is just make it nice and
easy to get off later on. Little bit around the sides as well, weren’t gonna miss. And that’s your first step. Nice and simple, huh? This is a chopping board, and that is some puff pastry, ready rolled sheet sort of thing. You can make your own,
I’ve done that before, but it’s much easier to get a sheet or even a block that you can roll out. We’ve done variations on lots
of that recently, actually. But today, a sheet is actually
fine for what we need, because the width of
the pan is sufficient, which is all good. Do make sure that’s the case, because you can do it in
a slightly larger tin, you’re just going to
need to roll out a block. Do also make sure that when you buy this, it’s normally in the refrigerated
aisle in the supermarket, get it so that it’s at room
temperature a little bit, otherwise you’ll try and roll it out and it will rip. I’ve learnt that the hard way on this channel through the years, and it always seems to
be the last little bit right there just does not want to unroll, but we’re probably going
to use this section anyway. Now as you can see, that’s going to fit really snugly into our tin, so I’m just going to cut off the excess. Alrighty. Cool. So really there’s two ways of doing it. You can cut around the
outline of the tin right now, or we can just do this, where we actually just
lift the whole sheet up, put the tin down, and like really aim for
the middle first of all, give it a little bit of some love, and just kind of press it in, and then we can cut around the inside. Because all this excess
stuff, we can reuse it. You can make some awesome
jam tarts with it, you can make mini versions
of what we’re doing. You just really at first want to make sure that it grips to the side. It might sag a little bit, you just really want to press it all in. See that bit at the back there? We don’t want to go even
as high as that, really, so a lot of it is going to be reused. So we can just get a smaller knife, and then start to work our way round. You can do it in little
pieces if you want, rather than going in one big go. Might help you. Now, we’re going to take our knife again, and just score very lightly just a little boarder, around the edge, okay? It doesn’t need to be too perfect. It’s just going to give you a rough idea of where you’re going to
put your filling, okay. So you can leave a little bit of a crust. All right, so that’s going to give us our inner circle bit. And if you want, this is
what I’m just used to doing. Just put fork marks on the bottom. No one’s going to see it. I think it looks quite pretty, actually. People should see it. People need to see this. Oh, never done the other way before. Maybe we should do that. Let’s start something retro. Oh look, little squares. (laughing) I mean, really it doesn’t matter. You could write your name in it. You could write a hidden message to the one you love. I’m going all out here. I don’t know what I’m doing. (laughing) All right, I’ve gone
completely overboard there. Don’t go as crazy as me, but I’m just actually enjoying
making shapes now. Not on the dance floor. I do that on the weekends only. I don’t know why, but I
really like the look of that. I think I might have to do that with every pie I make going
forward with puff pastry. Just before we move on to the next step, I want to show you something. I actually can’t find it. Well, anyway, I was going go show you. I think the kids have taken it over. I have bought a bingo machine. You might remember I did
recipe roulette the other day? You guys loved it so much, we are going to make it a playlist. I’m calling it Recipe Roulette, but I’ve bought a bingo machine, that’s because there much
more easy to get hold of, and we’re going to mix it up. We’re going to do lots of things. I’m going to try and do
it in different ways, the first one, anyone that’s
supporting me on Patreon, I asked them the other day, give me an ingredient with the letter P, so I’m going to put them in
the bingo machine, roll it out, and we’ll pull five ingredients out, and make it from that. But that’s not just for the
people on Patreon, okay. There’s going to be Twitter, Snapchat, everyone is going to pick an ingredient, and we’ll fuse it together. I also want some scenarios as well. This is kind of how it’s going to evolve. Not quite yet, but I
will be asking you soon for scenarios, okay. So it might be that you just
write one line that says, “Barry you must make a
recipe using peaches,” or something like that, and then that will go
in the bingo machine. So all of your ideas will go in there, and I’ll pull it out, and that will also be on the
Recipe Roulette playlist, which doesn’t actually
have a roulette machine, but yeah, I’m really excited for that. So thank you guys for helping
me come up with that idea. It’s really, really cool. So you kind of get it,
like the Patreon thing, you know you must make a recipe with the ingredients only
starting with the letter P, or they must only be a certain colour, really cool challenges. Let’s get back to it. Just going to put that to
one side for the moment. So here is bananas. I have a lot of them. I don’t need any where near, oh wasn’t that a fact
that someone told me, that these are called a hand, and a banana is classed as a finger? Something like that. We did take this to the
Summer in the City as well, a Banana Guarder. We actually put a banana
in it and threw it into the audience, and the guy caught it, and yeah, that was a bit risky, but it was funny at the time. Don’t need it today, just
thought I would show it, because it’s still from my bag that I haven’t fully unpacked. So we’re going to, (grunting) oh, isn’t it supposed to you peel a banana that end, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s how monkeys do it. They peel it that way. So we must do what the monkeys do. So we just take off the, I hope it’s just not me, but I just really hate
the ends of bananas. I find them a bit like, well, knobbly, like knees or something. So what you need to do, is
obviously if you’re using a bigger tin, thinking well a banana, I mean, this is a long banana anyway, what we’ll probably do is halve it, okay. So just get that out of the way. We’ll halve the banana, and then halve it down lengthwise as well. Straight through there. So we can get it to that stage, and even then, still if we feel
like it’s a little bit too, still a little too long, over
intimidating for our tin, no I think that might work okay. Okay, so we can do this. Mm, no I’ve changed my mind. (laughing) We’ll halve it again. Just ’cause I think it’s going to give us a little bit more play. Yeah, I think it will, definitely. But make that your call, okay. I’m not going to come in your kitchen and do this for you. Like all my recipes, I want yours to look better than mine. That’s the whole reason I do this. I’m just trying to inspire you. Yeah, where I normally buy my ingredients, their bananas are normally tiny. So this is pretty good result today. So straight down the middle, like that. And yeah, let’s just do it again. Just to keep it consistent. So I’m using a 20 centimetre tin, but you could quite comfortably use like a 23 centimetre tin. That’s also quite a popular size. So all right. This combined with this. Yeah, that’s pretty neat. I like that a lot. And then maybe like a
slightly more square one in the middle, like so. That will look pretty darn cool indeed. So we have to cook these
first, but it’s good to get a rough idea of how many
‘nanas you’re going to need. ♫ Oh na na ♫ What’s my size All right, so a pan, we got it on a low flame first of all. Donk, straight down. We’re then going to take
a generous nob of butter, and just whack that in like so. It’s quite a large frying pan so it can get all the bananas in at once, but let’s get it lubricated. Just going to add a very
light dusting of cinnamon. About half a teaspoon. So we got a real nice
smell in here right now of cinnamon butter. Mmm. They should sell that in shops. Oh, and just to let you know when it comes to a cameraman to help work with me in the studio,
or camera lady, camera person if that’s the word. I’ve been meeting loads of people so far, and I’m not going to
sort of take anyone on until I’ve met the absolute person I feel I hit the ground running with. They need to be like my friend as much as your friend, so yeah I’m still looking at the moment. I ain’t rushing, you know. Right, so before this gets too warm, we’re going to place our bananas in it, cut side down, okay? In a minute, that butter’s
going to start to sizzle a little bit, so we want to keep it under a little bit of control, so maybe two or three minutes on this side, and then we’re carefully
going to flip it over and cook it for another minute. That’s it, we don’t want to completely blitz it and overdo it, but we’re just ramming some flavour straight into the banana, and softening them up a little bit. See that? Nice bit of sizzle going on, the scent, aw yeah. Cinnamon banana scent right there. And buttery, oh. Get it right in your nostrils. Go on, smell your screen. So it won’t take that long, and you can use the lip of
the pan, see just like that. It’s softened up, that is fine. You can use the lip a
little bit to help you turn them over. That is perfect. It’s all we need. If you want to be cheeky,
you can chuck some alcohol in here with this, give it a little bit extra flavour. A lot of the alcohol
will sort of bake off, but still get the flavour though. You can even flambe it
at the end, you know? I’ve never really done
that on this channel. Get crazy with a flame. There we go, see that? They’re all like a bit more mushier, a bit more butter-infused colour in there, I’m going to repeat
that for about a minute, and put them on the side to rest, then we can tart up our tart. Right then folks, this is where it it’s going to get a bit more exciting. This is a tin of caramel. You can buy tins of condensed milk, you’ve seen me do it
on the channel before. You actually boil it
for three to four hours, keeping the water level up, and you’ll basically turn it into caramel. Or you can make it from scratch. This is a really easy way to do it. I do wonder though, because they now sell it
themselves, if they do literally employ people for four hours just to watch water boiling tins of condensed milk. I don’t know. What do you think? Huh? Not sure? You can smell it though, huh? You smell that? Huh? Our tin of caramel, look at this. Aww yeah. Only a small spoonful at a time. We don’t want to completely drown it, and we’re going to spread it out from it, like a relatively thin layer, but don’t go over that
boarder we’ve made, okay? Let this act as a sort
of glue or a weight. Amazing, I’m actually
going to keep some of this, and we’ll whip it up
with some cream in a bit to go on the top once it’s baked. I really like that look a lot. I don’t know, there’s
something about that. So I’m going to start from the outside, shape hasn’t changed too much, and just sort of work my way around. They are definitely a
lot more squidgy though. Oh yeah. All right, so just as a finishing touch, we’ve got some beaten egg here, which just brush it along
that line that we created. The egg’s going to help give
it a nice golden colour. People do use milk
sometimes, but that gives it not as much of a golden colour. Does brown it a little bit. And then with the egg and the bananas, just a little scatter of sugar on top. We could actually mix
the sugar with cinnamon to do a cinnamon sugar, but
this will be perfect as it is. So there we are then folks,
in terms of your tart. That is it, all ready to go in the oven. It should take about half an hour, but obviously some ovens can vary. Some of you have got naughty ovens, I’m aware of that, so do it by eye. Have a look at it, it
should be looking stonking. And meanwhile, while it’s in the oven, we’ve got an optional cream to make. All right, so we have got a mixing bowl, and an electric whisk there, oh, and also our vlog camera. You don’t need to see that, unless you do follow our behind the
second channel The Barrys. Thanks for you that do. Behind the scenes of my life. There you go, double cream in there. AKA heavy cream, because
it’s so heavy baby. We’re going to grab our
whisk, and just whip it up. Oh, too slow. (motor running)
(metal scraping) (audio drops out) All right, so that did
not take long at all. And we only need light peaks like this for the moment, okay. Okay, so we’re going to get, boom. Boom, about, I’d say three tablespoons of our caramel from the tin, and we’ll do slow on this okay? (motor running) Whoa. Hold the bowl. There we go. And that is our caramel cream, so we’ll stick this in the
fridge while it’s baking. So obviously we’ve got this tart, which is going to look gorgeous, and our caramel cream on top, (imitates spattering) and normally, I would grate some chocolate over the top, which if you
want to do that is fine. But I found some popcorn that Mrs. Barry destroyed last night. She left a little bit left there, so I’m just going to sprinkle
a little bit on that, just to be a little bit
different for a change. Conclusion, put on whatever you like. Send me a picture on social media. I’d love to see it. Here we go then folks. It’s just come out of the oven. Cha-ching. Check that out. Loving the colour on it. It’s super insanely
hot, so I’ll let it cool for a couple of minutes to make sure I don’t burn myself. Here we go then folks. I’ve just got the cream out of the fridge. I’m just going to dollop it. Oh, right on top like so. It’s nice and cool. The heat of this tart should
hopefully cool it down. I don’t want to put it too far over it, I want to sort of show
the banana a little bit. And then within that,
I’m just going to get some popcorn as I say, just to be a little bit different. And just plonk it on a big old pile right in the middle. Now I don’t know about you, but that looks blooming awesome. Oh, I love how the cream is just oozing through
all the channels now in the tart that we’ve made. Now of course, if you want that big dollop of cream oh there, you’ll
probably whip it thicker, and obviously serve it
when the tart is still, well is cold. But I wanted the tart warm. The smell in here is incredible. I am so exited for this one. Mmm. Still warm. My taste buds are trapped in a bananary, buttery, cinnamony zone. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m kind of like in the
Alcatraz of taste budness, if that makes sense. Whatever, it tastes phenomenal. You really have to give this a go. Wow, so there we go folks. Please try this recipe. If you do, send me a picture @myvirginkitichen on any
social media of your choice. I love to see them and I will
retweet and all that stuff. Let me know down below
what you want to see next, and if you do support me on Patreon, thank you so so much, look
out for the Recipe Roulette. Oh, and also my book. Don’t forget my book. It is out in about two weeks time, the latest one. Thank you to everyone that’s
pre-ordered it so far. Love you so much, and
I’ll see you very soon. Bye-bye.