Cut it from here I cut it from here to get my plant more nutrients Welcome to my channel Inhouse Gardening Today i told you about the care of the banana
plant You can see, it is a banana plant It is about two years of age It is bearing fruit first time and you can see all these baby banana plants I extract some baby plant before this time now its germinating new baby plants If you extract them regularly, then your mother plant got healthy and bearing
fruit early in the age because baby plant eat the nutrient of the
mother plant and the growth of the mother plant is not
well as required and its bearing fruit lately today I tell you that how to care banana plant first of all, you should remove the leaf under
the main stem you should get out the baby plant banana tree not required much water because banana has almost 80 to 90 percent of water
itself and fertilization as required a fruit plant like nitrogen, potash, phosphorus etc in necessary
for it and especially at the time of bearing fruit
the potassium is necessary you can easily get the separate plant from
baby plants today I taught you how to separate the baby
plants That plant you can see is the baby plant of
the main plant and
it also gets a baby plant and
the baby plant also gets good growth we can also get it out and get another plant now let’s start how to get out the baby plants you can use these tools to separate the baby
plant press from all the four sides of the plant and pull it out I use the knife for cutting the roots of the
baby plant to extract it from the mother plant and that is the baby plant and its roots these are the five baby plant I separate from
the mother plant I shift all the baby plants in the polythene
bags when they get roots I should grow them in
the soil or in the big pot now I tell you about the care of the banana
fruit you should cut out the flower where the small
fruit start to grow these are the main fruit that getting growth and these are not getting bigger So, I cut it from it because our plant supply
well food to the main fruit of the banana plant that I separate from the main fruit and you can see it is the water of the banana tree and be careful its stain are too strong on
the cloths and plant supply all food the remaining fruit I hope you like my videos please like my videos and subscribe the channel