Mix yeast in water (room temperature) Add plain flour to yeast water and mix. Add milk 2-3 times and mix. Add one yolk and mix. Add the melted unsalted butter and mix again. Whip the meringue firmly with white. Carefully mix the meringue and salt(1tsp) in the dough. Cover with a towel and ferment at room temperature for 1 hour. (must double dough after 1 hour) Add sugar, lemon juice and water to the pan, boil for 5 minutes, add blueberries and cook for 10 minutes on high heat. Boil sugar, lemon juice, and water in a pot for 5 mins, then cook blueberries over high heat for 10 mins. After the blueberries out of the manure net, Cool the remaining syrup boil down to 2/3. Pour the dried syrup into the blueberries and then fridge. Pour fresh cream, powder sugar, and vanilla-bean powder in a bowl and whip firmly. This is a well fermented dough! After buttering the preheated mold, fill the waffle dough in the center by 2/3 and close the lid. Bake on medium heat for 1 minute up and down each. When the waffle surface is brown, it’s all baked 🙂 You can decorate it to your liking. Sprinkle powder sugar on the finished waffle and add the desired sauce to finish. (chocolates, fruit peaches, whipped cream, etc.) Unlike Liège waffles, Brussels waffles have a softer texture and can be eaten with the ingredients you want. Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this video please like button and subscribe 🙂 Baking video uploaded every Friday at 12pm!