Good morning Kitty are you ready to start
working at the bakery today. Um this cupcake smells so yummy, I gotta take a bite. hum
hum. *Ring* *Ring* oh that must be a customer. Barbies bakery, Barbie speaking. Yes, yes,
we do cakes, a giant cake. in two hours, Yea sure. Alright would you like chocolate or
vanilla. Chocolate beautiful. okay I will have that ready for you in a few hours, buh
bye. wow a whole cake in two hours I got to work fast. Got to make my batter uh lets see.
What do we got here? And the milk and I need some floor here, egg hum this cake batter
is looking delicious. just go to mix it then bake it. Hum hum. got to mix it make sure
we get the coco powder in there muh muh muh this batter is looking nice and chocolaty.
Perfect. Now that its all mixed up I got to put it in the pan and one important thing
you must do is grease and floor your pan you don’t want your cake to get stuck in there.
If any of you want to try my recipe at home I just want to let you know i just bake my
cake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Okay just stick it in there. And while it baking I am
going to enjoy my cupcake muh. yum. oh its so good muh. Alright the 25 minutes are up,
lets check on our yummy cake. *sound of oven opening*. Look at that. Nice and brown. Hum
this smells so scrumdelicious. I am going to make a triple layer cake for our customer
now I just need to make the other two layers for our cake. And after that all I need to
do is decorate. Okay just add a layer, anther layer and some icing. and decorating. Tada
hers the triple layer chocolate cake. I really hope my customer likes this chocolate cake,
I put a lot of work into and i make it Barbie glamours. What do you think Mrs. Kitty. Meow,
Meow, meow, meow. Oh I totally agree Mrs. Kitty, haha your so funny. The toy featured
in this video is a Barbie I Can Be Play set the Desdert Chef. The desert play set has
a lot of cool feature where the cake magically bakes, Barbie can eat her cupcake and Kitty
gets a treat too. This set comes with a cute little Kitty wearing its own little chefs
hat and a purple fish cake on a plate. It also comes with a baking oven. and of coarse
the oven is pink, there is some cool features with that i will show you a little later,
Barbie has her own mixing bowl stove top and then of course the Barbie cupcake and the
doll herself. like most of the Barbie I Can Be Dolls there is a special switch in the
back right behind her hair and when you move it up and down Barbie lifts her cupcake to
her face. and when it touches her face it looks like she took a bite out of her cupcake.
Its really cool. Plus the cake magically bakes in the oven when close the door and re-open
it turns from cake batter to a nice brown cake. we can pull it out and enjoy. Hi guys
its Barbie here again, just wanted to ask to like this video if you enjoyed it. Also
whats your favorite kind of cake muh i love cupcakes so much. Muh i like strawberry cupcakes
mu i also like chocolate okay basically I like every cake let me know in the comment
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