3 chocolates in the cupboard Salty pretzel snacks O~reo~reo~~ Is this chocolate or popcorn Get ready for M & M’s Savory pistachios Precious beer snacks Dried cranberries bought for health Um…Expiration date … Haribo Winnie the Jelly Let’s get started Uh … Something is wrong Last hope You are my only hope The packaging has melted It’s gone in hot weather… Don’t worry! I will melt it anyway Tick- Tock- Tick-Tock- The sound of breaking is good Ahbyo – Breaking two sheets boo – Breaking four seems to me too much Let’s train more (Put it down sneakily) Pot Waaa~~~~~~~~ter Zeeeeeeeeeeeng In~~~Du~~~ctio~~~n Boils in a second Put the bowl in the pot gently From now on, stir it insane Whirlpool Whirlpool splash splash For tempering, take the bowl down from the pot. Melt everything without lumps splat plat slither slither Perfect! dribble dribble dribble Only the funniest part is left As you go ~ As your hands go ~ Oreo Pretzel Put on M&M’s Crush the pistachios cranberries It’s so easy Chocolate should harden at room temperature The M&M’s taken out of the fridge gets a lot on your hands Twist the mold Then the chocolate is very easy to separate from the mold Once more It can’t stay in it Perfect! Take a look How beautiful it is (Nice!) (Nobody noticed) It is not only me who has forgotten it (Please say yes) It `s okay. No problem! A bite of chocolate One jelly Then it’s the same:) See you in the next video ~ ByeBye~♡