Please Subscribe to Australia Tamil Express Also do not forget to press the Bell button for updates on further interesting videos Hello friends !hope you are all doing good Today we are going to prepare BASUNDI which is a rich recipe but dont worry friends! here i m going to show how to prepare in an economic way here i m going to show how to prepare in an economic way I m SURE this CABBAGE BASUNDI recipe will beat the TRADITIONAL basundi in terms of taste and cost So I thought of sharing this simple yet yummy CABBAGE BASUNDI to all This recipe require easy ingredients which are always available in our kitchen Milk,cabbage sugar,ghee, then 5 to 6 nos of cashew nuts if u can offer add padam, saffron or pista too for extra taste In my opinion cashew nuts are more than enough to enhance the basundi!! in the 1st step just add 6 cups of milk to the thick based vessel let it boil for few minutes simultaneously i m shredding the cabbage. Now a days I m using Preethi Zodiac Mixer grinder! its really good we can cut , shred, grind as per our desire in one touch take 1cup of cabbage for 6 cups of milk then add this shredded cabbage to the boiling water let it boil for 3 to 5 mins! so that the smell of cabbage fades away which is the main step for this CABBAGE basundi recipe after draining the water add the cabbge to the milk stir occasionally now add 1 cup of sugar into it once u add sugar it will increase the water consistancy so keep string till the milk colour changes to pale yellow Meanwhile roast the nuts in Ghee add the roasted nuts in CABBAGE BASUNDI Now I m sure some of you might be thinking of adding this INDIAN DESSERT in your Party List if you like this recipe please like share and subscribe to Australia Tamil Express East or West Namma ooru sapadudha Best see you in another video! THANKS