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Spread out, you bob-heads! *Distant Australian Soldier*
Come on! Come on! Go! Uugh let’s see what kind of missions Gonville has for us… Oh man look at this place! It’s like a
whole HQ sort of area down here this is crazy…
This is like a control room there’s telephones, military police, oh hey man *laughs*
“Hello, Scotty boy!” hey man that’s kind of cool…
oh there’s people walking around documents I suppose these are probably
secret documents oh I could see I think I see Gonville in there, Oh I can. Hey Gonville, What’s up! I’ll be through in a minute, man! I’m just looking around…
Ehm… let’s see there’s some books here and I kind of want to give them a read… there’s…
like a billboard there.. Ah this is cool! Alrighty, I’m gonna read these books see whats in them…
Oh.. This is about Intel, ok! *Reading Book*
“Intel predicts that the German forces will
spend the next few months undergoing… …vast negotiations to whether or not
advancing north from Kharga… (I’m not… sure where that) …would prove a success
in an attempt to retake Luxor…” (And I’m sure that Luxor is a place in Egypt, I know that for sure!) *Continues Reading*
“…Australian forces have set up a large
defensive line across the southern Sohag border, in an attempt to prevent
this flank attack” Oh okay! these are all like weird tactics
these guys are going through… *laughs* He’s just kind of looking at me funny…
*Continues Reading*
“During this time, of course, we are under attack… …ourselves! Various German Allied factions have been spotted along the train line… …near Bawiti and continue to attack
passing by trains! Stealing supplies and exploiting local villages for turf and
overall power…” Oh my god Now we ran into one of these cultists
groups didn’t we? One of these sort bandit groups… or “Factions” they’re called
around here, I suppose.. Though they were on the train line because that was the civilian train they used that we escaped in…
But I wonder where that train is now… Brobaly crashed somewhere… Can I use
these telephones? Nah you can’t use them.. Oh well… There’s some more documents here…
there’s nothing really I can read though, but I do kind of want to read this one
oh I will give a go oh here we go okay “the cultist riders…” this is the group
that we saw… “the cultist group “Red Riders” have been spotted along
trendlines and it appears that they have set up several lines of Defense’s as
well as tens of check points this is not a group to me have meddled this is not a
group to have been meddled with countless casualties as a result to
their most recent surprise attack on our southern south east entrance
prove this group to be very dangerous and well equipped perhaps these desert
bandits are a favorite of the Germans now I know for sure that the Germans are
actually teamed up with the red writers because those are the guys that came
after us at the camp and we did see kinds ik there well that’s all scary
that’s very cool oh I didn’t mean to break that oh well
oh okay here’s some armor oh there’s some colace
stuff in here what does this look like on me oh my god oh it doesn’t look too
nice actually you can kind of see my beard through it oh well I want to put
on this an American army because I don’t have army yet so let’s see there’s some
frog skin pants frog skin there’s a helmet there I think we’ll go for like
okay so we’ll just go play we’ll go for the full sort of sniper frog skin outfit
that looks kind of cool it looks like a pair of pajamas though but I guess it
does the job all right time you see gourville who oh
my god hey God Phil what’s up oh my god this is
fancy oh well gone Phil I’m here to speak with
you hello yeah I’m back I’m well equipped
I see you’ve earned yourself some weapons great yes I found a iphoto
browning automatic rifle aka a bar I fed a carbine and a winchester model I also
found some ammo for them there was a very strange-looking pumpkin by I’m not
sure what that was about probably just some weirdo kinda I don’t
know just trolling us or something who knows
oh man anything happened today any activity it’s been quite a lot today not
much it took me however oh man well as I said that’s not the best news I suppose
I guess sir there’s not much to do around here well there’s a paper
airplane here that’s kind of cool I’m gonna keep that he you keep this
paper airplane for myself oh you made it oh I’m sorry gone well you can have it
back if you want oh I could keep it okay thank you I’ll keep it as a souvenir
that war souvenir but above my mantelpiece oh man well do
you have anything for me I just jest that you head to the front
line we’re expecting a text sometime this evening
oh man that isn’t the that’s not the of the greatest news to hear I suppose Oh
God yeah you’re right we can’t be too careful
what do you hear that I hear an alarm Gonville oh my god I hear an alarm is
that is that the attack what’s going on this is very creepy should we go up top
oh my god I could whoa or God that’d sound good it’s them
they’re here oh my god has sent them is that the Germans the Germans are the
court this is one of the two should we go up top
come with me sky you must head to the front line all right I’m coming man I’m
coming Oh God oh my goodness I said it horrible
send the alarm set the alarm I love that little alarm all right I’m coming man
I’m coming oh all right gone Phil I guess I’ll have
to go to the front line then whoo oh my god head to the front line I need to
send some important transmissions to HQ all right gone fell I’ll go on my way
now I’ll see you later man good luck okay he wants me to head to the front
line now that’s over here now this is the way we came in
jeez this isn’t gonna be good hey guys oh there’s a lot of people here
by the front line is over here just looking over all the sand hey guys
what’s up oh my god wow there’s lots of people here actually that’s quite crazy
all right guys get care be careful there’s gonna be at it was gonna be an
attack soon all right let me see if I can get somewhere safe is there anything
in here oh there’s some weapons in here okay they’ll be you they’ll be useful
all right guys stay on the wall be careful it’s gonna be an enemy attack at
anytime soon right make sure all these machine guns are loaded
make sure everything’s loaded up oh god enemies oh god be careful guys there’s
enemies over here oh my god our men are kind of disliked leaving the
frontline both oh there’s lots of them require ok be careful guys don’t go too
far we can’t have too steep oh god ok looks like our men are just attacking
them as well oh that’s it oh my god there’s a tank
what you guys is a tank Oh No oh god they’re just gonna kill everyone
on our team oh my god there’s another tank what the
heck where did these come from oh no oh no this is bad is it I saw okay
that tanks moving up there alright we need to try and take that tanker I don’t
think I have any any weapons on me all right let’s take out these guys okay yes
okay we’re keeping the Germans back now that’s the good news
here our closest team – okay they’re going after them over there
Oh God we’re taking fire right em I need to find some sort of explosive you have
any oil key grenades I don’t think they’ll take out a tank though see if I
can find a bazooka anywhere oh jeez this as bad as a battery oh my god is like
guns going off everything all right smoke grenades okay I’m gonna smoke off
the tank oh god the tank what did I think the
tank just destroyed something oh my god this is terrifying
I’m popping smoke guys hopefully that’ll stop the tank that will help possibly he
put their stuffing the tanks from seeing us who knows who knows for sure though
whoa oh my goodness oh my god I’m gonna get
in the show bed guys gang in the Sherman oh come on fire let’s push back a bit
okay I’m gonna steer this thing around and I need to try and take out one of
those two tiger tanks Oh God we’re going way too far back to school on the world
all right here we go all my god this tank is still derpy I turn around turn
around come on guys are men doing Oh God we’re getting shot out by the tanks this
is not good okay I think I hit it I’m not sure all
right let’s get that tank one more shot hold on we’re being shot all right
that’s okay okay I think I’m gonna need a bazooka all right where’s my bazookas
or any buckles right here I’m sure there must be surely on the front line or god
I can hear the tanks moving around I think they’re getting closer oh my god
they’re destroying everything passes more Germans coming in will cook it careful I’m reloading oh my
god all right m-maybe okay I’m gonna stroke some grenades over
there actually maybe that’ll hold the Germans back is that gonna do anything
oh my god do it fly Jesus oh that was incredible
all right um all that tank is still over there though
okay let’s throw some grenades over that tank I’m gonna see if that does anything
they probably won’t for this worth to try one no it didn’t even do anything
the tanks still standing is your bishop over here somewhere Oh bazooka oh my God
thank God okay and to love this oh it’s loaded
okay all right let me get summer school that tank is still moving all right
let’s get summer safe here I’ll throw up top actually
come on right here we go aim fire
oh god that was way too high that was terrible
well the tango hit oh my god to take just like exploded
all right let’s fire another one over there fire oh I hit it yes oh that was
incredible oh my god Oh kitties thanks you’re
probably gonna shit again so I’ll go get somewhere safe
I’m gonna get done here oh geez okay this is bad is there any any supplies in
here no there’s not okay this line is secure again we’re
actually doing 200 got the text living oh god they take seeing us for crap
that’s bad I’m gonna look like an ass over here oh my god this is terrifying oh jeez oh this is horrible I’m gonna go
over here come on walk one my god now let’s place this down again we don’t
really need it that’s a friendly okay
alright guys careful Wow we’ve actually still secured the slain Mike and I
thought we would have lost it to stir these tanks but like we have an another
perfect shot that tank went flying I here we go again
oh my god oh it’s perfect alright let’s go over to the side again you guys okay
oh my god I don’t think we’re being attacked
oh crap got the hit right over there a bit of like lie down
oh god I’m not like oh crap I can hear them reloading okay this is not good
alright let me try and get somewhere else is quite safe I’m gonna go over to
this side that’s right wrap the game closer guys are getting
closer take them back the techs are getting closer as well guys get back get
back check out their infantry oh my god this is horrible just give them back a stick the bank all
right fish fish nice good job everyone oh this tank is so close to being
destroyed no full bill to hold the line here
especially with this tank running around rampant I’m gonna pop some oh shit guys
oh my god there’s so many punch oh my goodness
nice terrifying everyone retreat retreat we’re gonna have to go back to the base
we can’t handle this tank oh no this is bad this is bad well crap oh oh man this is happening
I’m on it open fire over a famil crap okay we’re
gonna have to retreat this is terrible We’re losing men left right and center! Oh no! *German Tank Radio* Woah! The tank! The tank’s gone! What was that?! Oh my gosh! It’s the Air Force! *Australian Soldiers Cheering* *Sad Piano Music* Well.. we did it! We held back the enemy forces… and this time it was our turn… …to strike back! Thanks for Watching! If you want to see more Subtitles, Let me know in the Comments!