– We are Sorted, a group of mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food, whilst trying to have a
few laughs along the way. (laughing) – We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normals. (beep) And a whole world of
stuff for you to explore, that everything we do starts with you. (upbeat music) – It’s that time again,
we’re in Fridge Cam. This is Mike, and I’m Ben. – And it’s that other time again where one of us normals has to try and beat the chef. – It is another Beat the Chef Mystery Box, and this time it is Ben versus Jamie. – They’ve got just three minutes to work out what to do
with these ingredients, and then 30 minutes to actually cook something spectacular. And, it all gets tasted by this guy. Mike will then judge the two dishes without knowing whose cooked them, and then pick a winner. – Nervous? – I like the adventure of these, I hate the pressure. – I hate these, for me this is like Pass It On and I’m terrible at anything that I have
to make up on the spot. – In front of them both is a mystery box full of amazing ingredients, also, some slightly unusual food pairings. Inspired by our second
flavor pairings video. – There we’ve got some
salady bits and herbs. – Pumpkin seed oil. – Great big chunk of beef. – Cocoa powder, oh crap! – He’s panicking already.
– Uh oh. – Cocoa powder, coffee. – Sweet potatoes, some citrus,
some chili, some dairy. – What do I do with that? – Sweet or savory. Basically, to steak or not to steak. – I was really interested
in the pumpkin seed oil. – In the video, that was
with vanilla ice cream. – And we talked about, at the time, could it be used in place of olive oil in things like cakes. – I really like the
citrus and coffee combo, but neither you or Mike particularly liked that in the thing. So, I’m tempted to try again and see if we can make it better. – I like that idea a lot.
– oh, oh that’s bold. – Why have you got sweet potatoes there? – Wow, I feel as confused as you are. (laughing) – I’m gonna do this, aren’t I? I’m gonna do this. – Your time starts, now. – Okay. – I like it when things are fusion. And I like, we’ve had
lots of savory ice cream recently we’ve been away, and I’m wondering whether
I can turn this into sweet. When you roast off, it is super sweet, so I reckon, very fine dice of this I can add to a dessert-like thing. – Oh, I got my oven preheated. I’m making cookies. – We’re gonna make cookies, Barry. – Haven’t we discussed that cookies is just not a dessert? – You, I think you said
cookies is not a dessert, because I made it in Pass It On, and you slacked me off. I’m making a cookie. – Yeah, I’m gonna make cookies, but cookies aren’t the thing. (laughing) I’m gonna mix together
all of my dry ingredients. Feels like a lot. – How many cookies are you making? – I don’t know! Ah, I’ve put the sugar in there and I should’ve put it in there. It doesn’t matter, it’s
going to be absolutely fine. – I’m gonna try and make a granola. Egg whites don’t need to be stiff peaked, just needs to be frothy. Then, I’m gonna add my spice bin, making coffee, cardamom, orange peel, see salt, and sweeten with honey. Then, I’m gonna put it in the oven along with the sweet potato. – How much of that are you gonna use? – Quite a bit. So, pumpkin and lemon is nice together. – What’s that? – Vanilla extract. Mixy, mixy, mixy, mixey. – (laughs) Are you currently beating – Oh, god, what now?
– pumpkin see oil on it’s own, with some vanilla extract? Oh, wow. – If this doesn’t work, how long can it take me to cook a steak? – I mean, that is a great point. – We know of the back of
the flavor pairing video that pumpkin seed oil
works well with dairy, so I’m mixing together creme fresh, vanilla, and honey, and
that’s gonna be the base. (clinking) – That looks like a cookie dough. – Beautiful color, look like. – Look at that! That’s quite a big cookie, isn’t it? Sticky, isn’t it? – Oh no, oh no! No! – What? (laughs) – Oh, no. (laughing) – Saved it. Now, what do we do sometimes? Do like a thumb, don’t we? Thumb it in. – Ohh, Jamie. – I’m gonna get those in the oven and see what happens to them. – You have 20 minutes. You’ve got loads of time, mate. – Okay, it’s starting to take shape. I’m going to add some
honey to bring it together. – Ben, you got a lot going on, can you just run it through, what has happened, so far? – I’ve basically played
to all the flavor pairings and tried to balance them out, but not really thought about the dish. (gasps) – I’ve got an idea, nuts brittle. But, not a nut brittle.
– Ooh, a seedy brittle. – A seedy brittle. James, I’m gonna look at you whilst I pour some water into my caramel. – Okay, I’ll look back at you. – And, maybe you will give me an eye at the right time to stop
pouring in the water. Probably enough. He’s still looking at me. I don’t know if you’re doing the thing where you’re looking at me and saying, “I can’t help you.” Chop up the pumpkin seeds, as soon as this starts to turn like an amber brown, I can
chuck the pumpkin seeds in there, whack it on there,
whack it into a freezer, so it cools down, and
then crackle it all up, brittle it up, and can serve
with my cookies and cream. – What else are you gonna do? – What you do mean? (laughs) Stop asking me this! – Hey, you have 15 minutes. – I’ve had an idea. – Oh no. – What’s he doing now? – I’m trying to recreate
the thing that I had in China, which was a lemon
grass infused cappuccino. What if, I’ve got time to infuse milk with citrus, and then use that, steamed, to make a coffee to go
alongside the dessert. – Bold. – I need to find a plate
while that’s warming up. (upbeat music) – So, I want a sweetened
cream to go with my cookies. So, I’m gonna combine creme fresh, sugar, and vanilla together. (upbeat music) (mumbles) All right. Cream is done. – Oh, no! (laughs) Nice, toasted granola. (laughs) – Is he gonna make a
coffee alongside the dish? – That’s all right, right? – Ben, you still got ten minutes. (laughing) (clap) – Boys, I’ll tell you what. – Yeah, mate I’m quite impressed with what you’re doing right now. I just want a dish. I’m seeing a snack, and I want a dish. – But what’s Mike looking for? – Probably a dish.
– Dish, yeah. (laughing) – Uh oh. – Here we go again.
– Uh oh. (laughing) – Right, I’ve got it. – Jamie, Jamie, your sugar. – Yeah, right. James, it’s really bubbly. – Do you want to know
what I think about that? – What? (upbeat music) (yells) (upbeat music) – All right, what’s going on now, then? What’s going on now? You’ve got another ingredient. – It’s like a liquor made
from the coffee cherry. Don’t think it needs it, not
with pumpkin seed oil, as well. And, that’s the flavor
pair that’s new to me that I want to play with. – Seven minutes left, mate. – Right, I’m putting my
sun fleet seed, what? (laughing) Pumpkin seeds are going in. Taking it off the heat. – That was 100% not ready. – The sheet’s red, mate. (laughing) – Okay, so. – What are you gonna do? – I’m gonna start again. – I don’t know, have you
got time to start again? – I don’t know, James! I don’t know anything anymore. (coffee machine whirring) – Oh, no. (laughing) – He’s pushed the wrong
button on the machine. – I don’t normally have a cappuccino. I normally have something different, so I just pushed what
I automatically push. Let’s try again. (laughing) Yeah! If it works, it works. If it doesn’t I’ll make a steak. – Yeah, why you running around? – I don’t know if anything has worked. – You’re finished. – I’m not, ow! – Wow. – Whoa! (laughing)
– Wow! – What are they? – He did make us a cake, he made us cake. – There is no way they’re
cooked to the middle, is there? – Nope. (laughing) (hissing)
– Oh, no. (laughing) – That’s magical. You’ve got five minutes, Ben. He’s made with yogurt, so he (laughs) – Stop it! It’s about flavor fairings, it’s not about showing off what you can
do in a set amount of time, it’s about clever flavor, ohh! – What I’m thinking
was vanilla and bourbon is a really good, like, bourbon has a lot of vanilla notes in it already, so to add that into the cream. Oh, oh, oh, oh. – Add some more. Five minutes, mate. – I’ve made this really runny. Those cookies have to come out, ’cause they’ve gotta cool. – How long were those in for? – Absolutely no idea, mate. If all else fails, I now have cookies and I have a cream. – Cookies and cream. – Classic combo. – Classic combo. – Classic combo, with and unusual pairing. – There you go. – Clever. – Right, this is the theory, and this is why this dish is gonna win. (laughing) Roasted, sorted sweet potato on a vanilla creme fresh, sweetened
a little bit with honey. Throw it around with some fresh rosary, and then top it off with the granola, which has got the coffee and cardamom, going through it. – What are you doing? – I freaked out. – He’s gonna put one there and then he’s gonna stack one, and then they’re all gonna sit on top of each other with
a little pot at the end. – Pot, I need a pot. (laughing) – How long? – Three minutes. – A boozy coffee. Please work this time. – Oh, wow that’s a nice bowl, mate. This is amazing. – What’s he doing, what’s he doing, what’s he doing, what’s he doing? – I know that’s usually
the finishing touch, but I got time. – What have I pushed, what’s it making? – Coffee. Ben, what are you doing? – This is disastrous! What did you do? – (laughing) I just came
to take a look at it. – Sorry, you should’ve
left it alone, mate. – I left it alone, I
didn’t touch anything! – Cappuccino, that’s what I want. – Ben, you’ve got one minute remaining. – Ben, you’ve got one minute remaining! – That almost looks like brittle. – 50 seconds. – Okay. – Ben, you’ve got 50 seconds remaining. (laughing) – I’m glad you find this funny. (laughing) – 30 seconds. – Right. – There’s your coffee. – No, what are you doing, don’t, Barry! – (laughs) I know. It’s not working, Ben,
your milk is too warm! – I’ve committed, I’ve
committed, I’ve committed. Shard, shards. Barry, quick, Barry, Barry! – Just put the milk in there, ’cause there was not milk in the coffee. – Ten, nine, eight. – Seven, six (laughs) – [Both] Five, four, three, two. – Oh, my God, he lost a–
(laughing drowns out voice) (alarm sounds) – Step away. – (squeaking noises) – Good summary, that’s probably enough, yeah.
– Yeah, it’s fair. – Carefully (gasps) I don’t know what it is. Roasted sweet potato with a coffee cream and cardamom granola and pumpkin seed oil, citrus and cascara latte on the side. So, we’ve got some
coffee and citrus combos going on there, some pumpkin oil. Interesting, looking
forward to eating that one. Wow (laughs) Okay, interesting. I look forward to eating this. Pumpkin seed oil and lemon cookies with a vanilla and bourbon cream, and pumpkin seed brittle. Interesting, cool. All right, well that’s two
stonking sounding recipes. – The word interesting has
been used multiple times. (laughing) By Mike, so far. – Interesting – Yeah, because I don’t know these are gonna taste, I really don’t. I have not much preconception. So, I’m just gonna start. I always start on the left. Mmm, it’s really odd. I think it’s odd in a good way, because there’s so many familiar flavors. Something that definitely came out of that weird flavor combo video, was how well pumpkin seed
oil works with creamy stuff. And this creme fresh pumpkin
oil combination I’m loving. I’m gonna try this. Citrus and cascara latte, I
don’t know what cascara is. But, that is delicious. I got so excited there,
because it’s got that tang and that sort of bitterness like it’s going to be an Irish coffee, and then it ends up tasting of orange, and you’re slightly disappointed because it’s not an Irish coffee. But, the orange takes you by surprise and you’re like, well that’s still nice. Right, here we go. It’s very sweet. It’s also very nice. It looks a bit pondy, I’ll be honest. But, it’s satisfying. Pumpkin seed oil and lemon cookies. They’re interesting, again in a good way, because you can taste the oil immediately. I really love that, the taste of that oil, it’s like really nutty. They’re pretty nice, I’m not getting a huge amount of lemon. 30 minutes, was it? – (grunts) – Quite interesting. I think they’re both nice. I think they’ve both got good bits, they’re interesting. Okay, I think I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to give the victory, based on the fact that the theory of the flavors work, and
then just slopped on a plate. So, I’m gonna give it to this one here. (clapping) – Strong. Now, who do you think it is? – I think this is Ebbrell’s,
this has got to be Ebbrell’s. Jamie doesn’t make granola, does he? He can’t. – I did make the sweet potato
granola and creme fresh. – Excellent! – Well done, Ebbrell. (clapping)
– Well done, mate. – Strong one.
– You did great! It was interesting. – Yeah, that takes you all over. – It’s nuts, isn’t it? – No, I think it’s oats. – It’s granola, yeah. – It’s a tasty cookie. – It’s good, isn’t it? Good job, everyone. (clapping) It was an absolute pleasure to judge that. Thank you. – It was interesting. – It was interesting. Do you like these videos? Let us know by giving
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check those videos out. – Having just gone head to head with Jamie in a battle, I know that he gets really annoyed and angry when I steal
his kitchen utensils. But, you know what? That’s a whisk I’m willing to take. (laughing) – I actually am looking forward to him coming back. As we mentioned, we don’t just make top quality YouTube videos. – Club. – We’ve built the Sorted Club, where we use the best things we’ve learned to create stuff that’s
hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested. Thank you for watching, and we’ll see you in a few days. (beep) – Okay.
(crunching) (laughing) – We found some snacks were over there. Couldn’t help ourselves.