We are in the greenhouse and I would like
to introduce you to Anne-Marie who has worked with me for 32 years. An amazing gardener,
and she’s also part of making Jardin Blanc a success. And here we’ve got 450 plants for
Jardin Blanc. For example, here you have these beautiful peas. Look at that – four weeks!
AM: By the time the garden’s open, 1.2 metres tall, beautiful flowers… RB: Almost as big as me! We have angelica… I love angelica. Why did I choose angelica?
Because it’s got the most beautiful structure – big roots, purple, pale green – and the plant
will grow about my height! Behind it, bronze fennel. The smell will be fantastic, the colour
will be fantastic. Such a fine, refined leaf and equally very high growth as well.
AM: These are brussels sprouts that are coming through because we want to do some cabbage
and some brassicas and that introduces a bit of colour and very different structure to
the tall angelica, the tall fennel… RB: All these plants, all these wonderful
plants, are going to be beautifully created onto a landscape garden with a beautiful black
humus – it’s going to be so stunning! You will see the head, for example, there’s a
shoulder…you’ll just see a shoulder of the radish or the mouli, and all in beautiful
rows just to show as well connecting this Jardin Blanc with this place here – this marvellous
Manoir aux Quat’Saisons – and these fantastic gardens that Anne-Marie is really very much
responsible for. And all that will go, of course, in the food as well! And we really
very very much look forward to see you, welcome you and create an extraordinary moment for
you and your guests at Jardin Blanc. Food, wine, champagne, laughter…perfect!