We often visit
many regions in Lebanon But there is no beautiful place
More than Beirut We will make another tour
to see small shops That the majority doesn’t know Those who weren’t raised in
Beirut, don’t know them The mouthwatering Kunafa
The delicious Mankoushe The appetizing Saj
And sure the yummy Foul Our tour will start now “AL Shami Bakeries & Pastries” We have coffee in our country, right?
In turkey, they have Salep A dessert containing milk, salep
And Cinnamon I think it’s a good breakfast
Which lasts till lunch “Nemer Al Wadi”
The Best Cheese Kunafa – Hello
– Welcome All Beirut talks about
The Kunafa bun Of “Nemer Al Wadi” For you
And for you I just understood
why you brought me here Enjoy your meal! It’s so light
with small quantity of sugar “Abou Hassan” Restaurant What a day! Salep, Kunafa
Foul and Hummus At Abou Hassan’s place
Well known in all Beirut Where are we going next? I think everyone knows In Beirut, on the cornice
There’s a place “Drive Thru” You can have a coffee
They make it with sweetened condensed milk We will go to the beach
To drink it You will hold this for me
So I can drive After eating Foul
At “Abou Hassan” in Caracas We drank coffee
In Ain El Mraysseh We stopped at the cornice
Where all people gather During Saturdays and Sundays
To have a walk Before continuing our day Now I will take you to a place
Where you will eat the most delicious cupcake – Cupcake?!
– Come on, let’s go! – Hello
– Hello Rawan We heard that you have
The most delicious cupcakes in the region Which one we will try? This is carrot cupcake This is heart of gold It’s a chocolate cupcake
Stuffed with peanut butter I inspired this one
From the Lebanese sweet “Tarboosh” from Gandour It’s not chewy
Doesn’t stick to the teeth Very moist Full of flavor – That’s a Cupcake!
– My favorite You said only tasting! If I started
Will I be able to stop?! I didn’t told you about this Chocolate with peanut butter in the middle The chocolate is very mushy The frosting is not so sweet This is the most important point – Which one is that?
– This is banana cake with caramel frosting At the end of Hamra’s street When you go out of Bliss You will found “The Cupcakery” A top shop! “Abou Afif” breakfast All students in AUB univeristy
Know “Abou Afif” – Right
– Who is “Abou Afif”? I am “Abou Afif” in person – From how long the shop exists?
– Since 1982 – And since when you work here?
– 1988, around 27 years ago We have yummy sandwiches All AUB’s students eat here For sure you can ask We are famous in Francesco, Chinese
“Abou Afif” Meat, “Abou Afif” Chicken And spicy chicken – However, everything we have is so delicious
– I’m sure about this – But today we can’t taste
– It’s Saturday We only make Grills
Meat, Tawouk and Kafta – Deal, let’s taste the three
– Deal If we have offers on Grills on Saturdays
You can benefit from a plate Which contains 5 mixed skewers
With Tabbouleh, Hummus, Tomatoes Garlic paste, pickles and bread
At only 15 000 LBP Students order this offer
Without hesitating I liked the bread, it’s mushy The kafta is juicy The sandwich is warm The Hummus is delicious As well as the pickles – Can we continue our tour?
– Let’s go This is our famous
French fries sandwich – Hello
– Hello – Ms. Ichkhanian
– Yes, welcome! Everyone knows Ichkhanian bakery
in Zoukak El Blat – Since when are you in the market?
– Since 1946 You are famous in minced lamb manakish – You only make this kind
– Yes, only! – You have no thyme or cheese manakish
– No, we don’t make these kinds – Only minced lamb manakish
– So what also do you have? We have manti, Shish barak
And soubereg What flavors of minced lamb manakish
do you have? I have Aleppo minced lamb manakish
With pomegranate paste I also have the Armenian version
That we called Antabli with veggies And I have the vegetarian version
Without meat The dough is thin
With crispy extremities Rich in meat And finally pomegranate molasses Now I understand why it’s famous! We continue our tour
And arrive at the famous “Abou Nabil” Falafel – Hello
– Hello, welcome – The famous name “Abou Nabil”
– God Bless you All Beirut knows “Abou Nabil” falafel shop – You are welcome
– When did you open? Since 1975 After our tour in many
Street food shops We ate in the road
We stopped in a restaurant That I promise you
it will give you the same kind of food that it started to present
since 1963 Ask your parents
They sure visited “Popeye” Same food, same taste
Same way from more than 40 years “Lamb House Shawarma” Since I met you, you always tell me
that we must visit “Lamb House” – What’s the story of the burger?
– This is a burger that you must try In my opinion, this is a burger
Like the one made at home And even more delicious
Go ahead, eat All that! Chewy bread
Rich in French fries Mushy meat
Pickles Coleslaw
Tomato Really, it’s like the burger
That we make at home Today I’m visiting in Beirut
The delicious food shop Hassan took me to places
That he knows But I insisted to bring him
To the place that I know To taste the frozen yogurt
Made in Lebanon With a Lebanese milk
From Hrajel We always bring yogurt
From Harjel I live in Ajaltoun
I daily bring the yogurt with me And bring it here Therefore you have a
Natural Lebanese product From our land
and our cows – So delicious!
– It’s not so sweet It’s light
You don’t feel it is fat It’s an ice cream
and a frozen yogurt This is something crazy! It’s the mode of frozen yogurt
In the country This is a Lebanese product
With a great taste! Achtalieh sweet With Ashta and crunchy nuts With Honey
or you can put sugar syrup This is Beirut! I came back to Beirut
To discover it Beirut that my parents described to me The old Beirut that contains
Lots of delicious food Corniche al Mazraa, Mar Elias
And sure the Down town Hamra and many other places Beirut that comprises delicious food Beirut the place that I advice each one of you To discover it again Shops that our ancestors built This is Beirut!
Sure we will come back for the third time