Today, I will show you a sweet recipe.. ..and it’s a specialty of Belgaum (city in Karnataka)! ‘Belgavi Kunda’ Let’s boil 2 liters of milk
we have here with us. We have to have boil the milk
till it reduces to 1/3rd of its whole. So, let’s wait. After the milk is boiled and reduced. The milk has reduced to 1/3rd of its whole. Now, let’s add a cup of curd to it. Next, we will add a cup of sugar. And then, we have to mix everything well. Milk will be spoiled after adding curd. So, we have to keep stirring it continuously. Until this gets done,
let’s caramelize the sugar in a pan. I have taken half a cup of sugar for it. Let’s switch the stove on. Make sure you neither add ghee nor water
and caramelize the sugar directly. Caramel is done. Let’s switch the stove off.. ..and let’s add it in this hot milk mixture. And now, keep stirring nicely.. ..till it turns thick in consistency. Kunda is almost ready. Let’s switch the stove off. Let’s add a pinch of cardamom
powder; it’s optional. Do not add if you don’t like it. Mix it properly. Belgavi Kunda is ready! Preparing a sweet at home
seems like a task to us.. ..but it’s such an easy recipe, isn’t it? So, do try it and subscribe to ‘Ruchkar Mejwani’!