HEY GUYSSSS HOW ARE YOU?? today we are going to try Fujimi Dorayaki, (music) (music continues) we have got a deal from Entertainment Book (music) so we just need to choose the flavours and it is Buy 1 Get 1 YAAAAYYY… (CLAPS) okay, so we did order the black tea pearls so friends, for you guys who doesn’t know what Dorayaki is Dorayaki is… Japanese dessert so it is actually well known in Japan if you guys ever watch Doraemon, You’d know that Doraemon really likes to eat Dorayaki this is ‘it’ we are about to try his favourite snacks the original pancake was sold out then, so we ordered the Matcha ones for the pancake that’s why you see it is green colour… and that’s the pearls, and how it looks like.. so this flavour is actually quite unique, because its got like that ‘bobas’ (other name of pearls/boba) alright so this is still warm so they will actually make it fresh (music) (music continues) lets try this one (sniffing) it actually smells yum, smells like matcha. mmm.. so it’s like… (thinking) it is like a pancake and then there is these ‘bobas’ and the ‘bobas’ are soft so it is… YUM!?! mm.. alright, so the batter is actually light and it is also not very sweet ummm the ‘bobas’ is also not too sweet so it is good, coz i think we all don’t like to eat dessert that are too sweet so this is actually very good this is also a nice size as well it won’t make you feel sick if you eat too much of these also the pancake is actually so soft and warm anyway this thing here is super cute look it is actually stamped before they serve this and anyways this is how it looks like if you guys want to see the pearls the filling look like this mmm this is actually so soft and warm coz they made it fresh SIKAT BRO (LETS SMASH THIS BRO) mm.. MMMM this is so good for those who are ‘bobas’ lover you gotta try this okay now we are going to try the other one we actually ordered the Oreo cream cheese so uhhhh.. it looked good on the menu because I really like Oreo look at this guys, how cute is this.. and with this one the batter was bamboo.. charcoal…? if i wasn’t mistaken, or bamboo… ugh anyways, so i think this is black sesame instead of matcha, so the color on this one is like blackish and there it is the cream cheese and the oreo mm so with the ones before the ‘boba’ fillings is like kind of mushy its like.. mm..mushy with this one it has like crunchy textures from the Oreo and this is a little sweeter because Oreo is like a bit sweet also they put the white cream of oreo fillings along with the oreo which has been crushed, so this one is definitely a bit more sweet than the bubble ones before so with the bubble tea ones for you guys who are not really into sweet maybe i can recommend that one, but for you guys who are an Oreo lovers like myself, and like sweet stuffs, but also not overly sweet this one is also good, not bad at all. hmm MMMM and buy 1 get 1 (man laughs) SIKAT BRO (LETS SMASH THIS BRO) the batter on this ones is similar not much different it is definitely tender, soft, very light as well no wonder Doraemon really like this thing because it is absolutely yum guys (chuckles) i lost my head I almost didn’t left Martin anything but anyway, I’m just gonna finish this one last bite coz He said doesn’t really like Oreo anyways so this one here is all MINE SIKAT BRO (LETS SMASH THIS BRO) okay guys, thank you SO much for watching us Don’t forget to Like, Share, and leave comments also Subscribe 🙂 will see you guys on the next video, we will share some other interesting deals which absolutely cheap and delicious okay? SIKAT BROOOO (beep) (indonesian memes – riddles) (indonesian memes – riddles continues)