(gentle music) (upbeat music) – Today, we have made our
way from downtown Nashville to the historic Belle Meade Plantation, where we’re gonna get a
tour of this beautiful home, explore the grounds, and
finish off with a wine-tasting. Dating back to the 19th century, Belle Meade Plantation is an historic and magnificent mansion estate
just outside of Nashville. Oh, this is so cool! (elegant violin music) (gasps) This is beautiful! The family that owned this
estate bred thoroughbreds, which is why all over the
house, you can see memorabilia of the family as well as their horses. – So here is Bonnie
Scotland, Foundation Sire. The past 25 consecutive Kentucky Derby’s, every single horse, traces
their blood line back to Bonnie Scotland. – Are you serious?
– Yes. Bob Green here is also very important to the Belle Meade history, he’s born into American child slavery. He will actually grow up
here as an enslaved child, and stay on as a paid employee as well. – On the ground, you’ll find a recreation of the type of cabin, where Bob Green, and his family lived. The exhibit inside tells us
stories of the enslaved people, who lived and worked on this plantation. On the Belle Meade grounds, there are eight historic
outbuildings on 30 acres of land. Belle Meade is renowned for the breading of thoroughbred horses, and we’re about to check out the carriage
house and stables. (upbeat music) So all of these wines are made locally, and the one I’m about to
try is grown right here in Tennessee. – [Bartender] It’s a
blackberry dessert wine. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – I’m definitely getting that one. This trip to Belle Meade was
an extraordinary step back in time, I loved exploring
the scenic grounds, the delicious wine tasting, but my favorite part
was touring the mansion to see how people really lived back then.