– Hey, friends. – Hey, everyone. – Thank you so much for tuning in to “Cook with April” on Tasty Tuesday. It’s April and Justin again,
and today, we’re gonna show you guys how to make banana tempura. – Aye. – I got the idea from
while eating at Benihana’s, so I hope you guys stay tuned. Let’s get started with the ingredients. For the banana tempura, you’re gonna need two bananas. That’s what I’m gonna work with. You’ll need a cup of flour. You’ll need 1 cup of ice
cold water, and then you’ll also need one egg, and
then you’ll also need a wok or a large pot to fill some
oil in, and you’re gonna keep the oil up, and
optional ingredients would be the powdered sugar to put on
top as well as some ice cream. The first thing you’re
gonna do is crack an egg in a medium-sized bowl, and
you’re just gonna go ahead and beat that egg. I’m using a whisk to beat
the egg, but then I’m gonna go ahead and transfer into
a wooden spoon and I’m gonna add the ice cold water on top of the egg then I’m going sift 1 cup of flour on top, and while I’m sifting,
I’m gonna gradually stir. You don’t wanna stir too much. It’s totally okay to have the lumps. So now you’re ready to coat your bananas in the tempura, and
personally, I just like to dump ’em all in like that, and then I’m gonna go
ahead and bring it next to the pan of oil. I’m just gonna make sure
that the bananas are coated and to be gentle, ’cause
bananas are very soft fruits. Now we’re ready to place our
banana in the tempura batter into the hot oil like so. Then I want to fry our tempura
until it’s lightly brown. It’s not really ready yet. You’ll know. You’ll see that it kind of
turns a little light brown. These look ready, so now
we’re just gonna grab it with tongs and shake
the excess oil and put it on a plate. I like to have a plate
with paper towels ’cause it absorbs the oil. I mean of course this isn’t
healthy, but at least it’s kind of absorbing some extra oil. Now you’re ready to plate your tempura. I’m gonna just grab some bananas here. I’m just gonna do two right now for taste testing, and this
recipe I actually kind of thought about it because
I went to Benihana on Valentine’s Day and
I tried banana tempura for the first time. It was really good. They put powdered sugar. This is optional, but I’m gonna just kinda sprinkle some on top. And the best part, I
think, is the ice cream. They put ice cream, but I like to keep my ice cream separate, so I have ramekins to place my ice cream in the middle. Gonna scoop that ice cream up and put that on a plate and
that is banana tempura. I’m so ready to eat this. – Oh yeah. – I made it for myself,
not for a taste tester this time, I like aaah, I’m freakin’ . – This is actually the
one we took a picture of for the thumbnail for this video. I was like, “Honey,
you can have this one.” She’s like, “No, I put more
powdered sugar on mine.” – Sure did.
– Kinda wanted to eat that one – (laughing) Oh my god. – Honey likes it. – I like this one even
more than the Benihana one. – Mmm.
– You know why? It’s actually ’cause they had I felt they had too much fried stuff on the one at Benihana. This one is nice. It’s like lightly battered, you know? Aah, this is really good. – Mmm. – And I actually like this one better because you have it paired with the French vanilla ice
cream, and they just had regular vanilla at Benihana’s,
so it tastes a lot better. I like it better ’cause it’s in a ramekin- – Mm-hm. – And I don’t like to have my ice cream mixed sometimes. – (laughs) – I’m such a weirdo. – Gosh, this is good. – And you know you like
it better ’cause I’m your wife. – That is exactly why. – (laughs) – That automatically
makes it 10 times better. – I think so (laughs). Anyhow, thank you, friends, so much for watching. You guys have to try this. – You really do. – It’s really, really simple- – Isn’t that – And ooh it’s good. – You know this is actually a dish that I think would
impress guests I think. – Don’t you think?
– I know and it’s so simple. – It is. – If you’re like a newbie
at cooking, do this– – This is so easy. – for your significant other
if you’re like gonna have him over for some food,
– Ooh yeah, well. make a dinner. There are some dinner
ideas in the info box, you know? Anyhow, thank you, guys, so much for watching. I’m just gonna eat this now. I’m so hungry and so excited. Please give this video a
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suscribe to our daily vlogs, AprilJustinTV. See you later. Bye. Hey, friends. – Hey, everyone. Thank you so much for tuning
in to “Cook with April” on Tasty Tuesday. Today I made Justin a very delicious